The German Football Association is looking for Low’s successor

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The German Football Association is looking for Low’s successor

The name of Jurgen Klopp came up at one point as the best solution. It will soon turn out to be a classic impossible mission, which Klopp talked about a few days ago. Then Hansi Flick, the Bayern Munich coach, came to the fore.

Karl Heinz Rumenige did not wait. He lowered the ramp until the imagination of the fans ignited. The situation is, therefore, as clear as day - the first man of the German Football Association (DFB), Fritz Keller, and his first associate, Oliver Bierhoff, have to look further.

The new selector and successor of Joachim Low is not in sight yet ... "To be honest, we always have a plan A, B, C, and D." According to Bild, prominent "external" solutions in the form of Ralf Rangnick and Lothar Matthaus are not so highly quoted in discussions in the top management of German football.

Thus, Bild comes to the conclusion that under B are still some names that are already "inside" Or if you want people who are already employed at DFB. The favorite in that "internal" race should be Stefan Kuntz, a long-term selector of the U21 national team and a man who reached the finals of the European Youth Championship twice, managing to win it in 2017.

The new tournament for this age starts on Wednesday, the Germans open it with a game against Hungary, and there is no doubt that Kunz will have a strong motive to confirm himself as the biggest favorite for the A team bench with a good result.

Kunz on his potential new job

"You know who's deciding. I'm really relaxed, I'm doing my job the best I can ... Of course, I'm proud to be mentioned as a possible successor to Low, it's one of the most important coaching positions in the world."

"It would be a lie to say that I am not interested in any of that. But at the moment I am concentrating on what awaits me. I want to make a good result with the U21 selection, "Kuntz said with an enigmatic smile. Bild also states that the DFB could most easily conclude an agreement with Kunz by the end of the World Cup in Qatar when they would try to attack Jurgen Klopp again.

In the end, this paper emphasizes that Stefan Kuntz has very strong competition in Marcus Sorg (55), the current assistant of Joachim Low, since he is allegedly being promoted by the sports director Oliver Bierhoff. This option should not be neglected either.

From 1926 until 1984, the Germans always appointed an assistant to the previous one as the selector. The exceptions were then Beckenbauer, Vogts, Voller, and Klinsmann, after which they returned to the good old practice. Klinsmann was replaced by his first assistant, Low. Now we wait to see if Sorg continues through.