Paratici: "Ronaldo will not leave Juventus"

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Paratici: "Ronaldo will not leave Juventus"

Juventus' dominance in Italy seems to have come to an end. The Old Lady fell to fourth place in the table after the defeat by Benevento, with 10 points less than the leading Inter. After the surprising failure, there was talk about the fate of Andrea Pirlo on the team's bench, but also about the future of Cristiano Ronaldo in Turin, who has recently been associated with his return to Real Madrid.

Sports director Fabio Paratici, however, claims that the duo is at the heart of the Bianconeri project and that their departure is not being considered. The popular Mozart took over a team with which he won Serie A on four occasions He played the role of coach of the Juventus reserve team for nine days, before the club's management decided to throw him into the fire and give him a chance instead of Maurizio Sari.

The turbulent debut season is behind the legend of Italian football, there were many ups and downs, and when it seemed that the Bianconeri were catching up and could sit on the throne for the tenth time in a row, Benevento exposed all the problems in Pirlo's company and paved the way for Inter to conquering the Scudetto.

The center of attention after the match was the sports director Paratici. The topic of conversation between the representatives of the football public and one of the most important people of the Turin club, in addition to the fate of the coach, was the future of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo's return to Real Madrid

It has been speculated that the Portuguese, who is paid 100,000,000 euros, after a new failure in the campaign for the Champions League trophy, could relieve the budget of Juventus (his gross salary is 64,000,000 euros) and return to Real.

Although he had the greatest contribution in winning two titles in Italy, he did not live up to expectations and gave the Old Lady wings in the fight for the European throne, this season the Italian champion stood in the eighth-finals of the elite competition, where they were weaker than Porto.

It was also written that the desire to say goodbye was mutual, Zinedine Zidane gave the green light for a great return. Despite everything, Paratici claims that one defeat will not change anything and that Pirlo and Ronaldo are in Juventus' long-term plans.

"Last season we started the project, one game will not change our strategy. We continue this way and we are very pleased with what we have achieved so far, so we will continue to progress." "This is Juve, we have Cristiano Ronaldo in our ranks, the best player in the world and we hold him tight in our hands "