Turbulent situation in Dortmund: Haaland dissatisfied with the team's performance

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Turbulent situation in Dortmund: Haaland dissatisfied with the team's performance

If, by any chance, there was an audience at the stadium in Cologne yesterday, it is very certain that they would sing to their players: "You can all go except Haaland"! This is what Bild's report from the last game of Borussia Dortmund said, which further distanced the Millionaires from the Champions League.

Only 2: 2 with the Koln means a new loss of gold worth points, which could cost one of the most popular clubs in Germany at the end of the season. And no, it's not just about being in the elite. It is about all the consequences that this failure would cause.

Despite two of his goals, Erling Haaland had a hard time withstanding the loss of points in Cologne, which even the viewers near the TV screen could clearly see. The Norwegian goal scorer was first caught swearing at halftime as he went to the locker room.

And after Daniel Zibert's last whistle he angrily took off his jersey and threw it into the hands of Jorge Mere, with by which he apparently had an earlier agreement. The Germans also write that Haaland did not even say anything to his teammates and coach Edin Terzińá, that is, that he was the first, so frustrated, to leave the field.

The young striker is obviously not satisfied with his great games. Two goals against Koln, before that two goals against Sevilla, Bayern, Schalke, Monchengladbach, Leipzig ... In 31 games since the beginning of the season, as many as 33 goals.

However, Haaland is aware that all that is not worth much without good results of the team. "I can't explain what is happening to us in defense. We are unrecognizable," Niko Schulz said after the match. Borussia led, Koln turned it around, and Haaland brought a point in the 90th minute.

"What can I say ... We are very happy to have him," Schultz added.

Haaland's transfer

And Bild wonders: How much longer will you have him? It is as clear as day what the German paper is alluding to. Although the leaders of Dortmund have been pounding on their chests in recent weeks, claiming that there is no chance that Erling Haaland will go in the summer, not playing in the Champions League could affect the development of the situation.

His ten goals in six games of the elite competition this season clearly show that he has grown into a world-class player who must play in the strongest competition. Borussia is somewhat protected by the exit clause, which will come into force only next summer (75,000,000 euros), which means that during the upcoming transfer period, they can ask for much more money and thus reject buyers.

However, Haaland is also deciding something. That is, his manager Mino Raiola. And when Raiola solves something ... Borussia, there is every chance, until the end of the season, they will not only play for a place in the Champions League, but also for another year with Erling Halland. Otherwise, this will be a very sad summer for Millionaires. Even if Sancho leaves ...