Pedri: "I put on the Real Madrid jersey and realized something was wrong"

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Pedri: "I put on the Real Madrid jersey and realized something was wrong"

A dream come true or sour grapes? Barcelona has Pedri in the ranks, one of the most talented midfielders in the world, who is serious hope for the future of the Catalan club. But everything could have been different. In the summer of 2018, Pedri was on trial at Real Madrid.

And someone there estimated that he was not talented enough, so he signed for Las Palmas. Now, after all, the midfielder of Barcelona says that he is happy that everything happened like that. "I want to thank the one who tested me and said 'no.'

When I was in Madrid, I put on a jersey, looked at the coat of arms, and had the feeling that something was wrong." "I was lucky that in the end, I came to the club I always wanted to come to," Pedri told the Spanish media.

Journalists fired quick questions, to which only the adult midfielder gave equally short answers. One was whether Messi would stay at Barça. "I do not talk to him about it. It's his decision. I hope he will stay for many more years, but the good thing is that the results are getting better.

It is obvious that Messi is happier than he was. He's a fantastic person, it's great to watch him live. " Pedri also talked about coach Koeman. "He surprised me because I thought he was different. He gives chances to young players.

I hope that he will stay, and if that is not the case, I wish him all the luck wherever he goes." "He has great confidence in me, and the first time we met, he told me that he didn't know me so well and that I would have to fight for a chance.


Pique and Iniesta

The question of Pique also arrived. "He is one of the funniest players in the locker room. He is one of the pillars of the team and if he wants to tell you something, he does it directly. " In Pedri, many see the new Iniesta.

"It's not a burden to me. It’s nice when they compare you to someone you admire. But I have my way. " The fans may not be there yet, but Pedri overcame relegation from the Champions League. "We suffered a heavy defeat at home and it was difficult to return in the return match.

That is now behind us and we have to focus on the fight for the title of champion and for the Cup, "Pedri pointed out. The season is not over yet, and Pedri has already collected 41 games in the Barcelona jersey, in which he scored three goals, while he was an assistant for six.