The president of Lyon is hoping Depay could sign a new contract

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The president of Lyon is hoping Depay could sign a new contract

Memphis Depay will soon enter the last three months of his contract in Lyon, but club president Jean-Michel Ola is still hoping to keep his captain at the club. However, the biggest and richest clubs in Europe, such as Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona, ​​have been circling around the great player for a long time, so it will be really difficult for Lyon to convince him that staying is the best option for his career.

"I dream that Memphis accepts our proposal, which is still relevant. It brings us so much, he is directly involved in 23 goals (14 goals, nine assists). Our proposal is to stay at the club, and if we are champions, why not?" "Ola asked in a statement to AFP.

The Dutchman has figured as the main signing of Barcelona since the arrival of Ronald Koeman. Ola did not want to sell him in the winter, even at the price of going to the summer without compensation, which is almost certain at this moment.

"If I start thinking about my future, I could lose focus. I'm 100 percent in Lyon. We'll see what happens in the future. I can't say anything about Barcelona, ​​I'm here now, and many other clubs will be interested."

Depay said last winter. The Dutchman not only did not lose focus but continued to improve his form and is one of the most deserving that Lyon is a serious candidate for the champion trophy this season.


Depay arrived in Lyon in January 2017 from Manchester United for compensation of 16,000,000 euros and signed a four-year contract.

So far, he has played 168 matches and scored 69 goals in all competitions, so it is no wonder that Ola wants to keep him in his ranks so much. However, it will not be easy for him to save such a player. Depay is currently in his best years and plays the best football of his career.

That is why many football giants are standing in line and waiting for their chance. The most talked-about is Barcelona, which desperately needs a player like Depay. Also in favor of Barcelona, in addition to being able to come for free, is the fact that Depay is Dutch, just like Koeman, and together they could communicate more easily and understand what they are looking for from each other.

Still, we will have to wait for the summer and see the epilogue, but we know that a club like Barcelona is hard to refuse