Locatelli: "I cried when they said in Milan that I was not part of their project"

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Locatelli: "I cried when they said in Milan that I was not part of their project"

In Milan, once characterized as a surplus, it was difficult for Manuel Locatelli to part with the Rossoneri and San Siro. However, in Sassuolo, he found a place under the sun, and with the games deserved the attention of several European giants.

The Neroverdi went through the first part of the season as the most pleasant surprise of Serie A. Although the change of environment brought him the interest of European giants, changing the red-black for the black-green jersey was extremely difficult for Locatelli.

"The moment they told me I wasn't part of the project was devastating. I was sitting on a bench in Milan and the managers told me I wasn't important at the club anymore." I drove home in tears. I went to the girl and we cried together.

Then I called my parents. It was devastating. But it helped me because in the end, I needed a change too, "Locatelli recalled and immediately continued: I came to Sassuolo and not everything was great at first. The training center was not in the top condition as it is today, it helped me, because I had everything in Milan right away."

"From the earliest period, everything was easily accessible." "Although the center was not ideal, what remains in your head are the people who work there, because, in the end, they remain in the heart. "


Upon his arrival in Sassuolo, he was met by one of the players who knows what it's like to play, train, be part of a club from San Siro.

"Boateng approached me, hugged me, and told me to prove how much I was worth. The coach welcomed me warmly and immediately hosted me in his office. I had a whole pleasant welcome," Locatelli said. His Sassuolo dropped a comfortable 2-0 in Turin tonight, and the midfielder remained at the performance of three goals and two assists after 25 games.

In the end, we will remember the most impressive moment of his career when the Milan-Juventus derby was solved by a spectacular goal by Gianluigi Buffon. It is certain that they are now repenting in Milan and are aware of what a mistake they have made, but now it is too late to correct the mistakes.

Locatelli had a desire to prove himself and resentment worked in him. He wanted to prove they made a mistake and he wanted to show how much he was worth, and surely all true football fans are glad about that.