UEFA Europa League: the quarterfinals

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UEFA Europa League: the quarterfinals

After Manchester United, Internazionale Milano, FC København and FK Šachtar, the draw of the quarter-finals of the 2020 UEFA Europa League has been completed. Sevilla win against AS Roma 2-0, while Bayer Leverkusen defeated Rangers Glasgow for 1-0.

Wolverhampton defeated Olympiakos 1-0 while Basel won 1-0 against Eintracht Frankfurt. Here are the quarter-finals of the 2020 UEFA Europa League Šachtar vs Basel
Manchester Utd vs FC København
Inter vs Bayer Leverkusen
Wolverhampton vs Sevilla

UEFA Europa League: Manchester United, Inter and Shakhtar in the quarterfinals!

At Telia Parken it takes less than four minutes for the hosts to cancel the 1-0 suffered in the first leg in Turkey. The merit is collective, because the net is the result of an enveloping choral action: Falk's fine opening towards the right wing, where the Uruguayan Varela perfectly calibrates the cross for Wind's goring.

The team led by former Inter Okan Buruk thus finds themselves having to rearrange themselves and start all over again. The Danes are giving away the quarter-final against Manchester United in style. In Kiev we start again from the Ukrainian outside victory of the first leg (1-2) and it is precisely the orange-blacks who keep the ball in hand at the start of the match, looking for a goal that can give them further security .

The Germans falter without falling and slowly find strength to attack in their turn, without however being able to worry Pyatov as Shakhtar does with Casteels, who is repeatedly engaged. Only punishment, but at that point the defender is sanctioned with the expulsion for a clear chance from the net.

The numerical superiority, however, lasts only a few tens of seconds, because Brooks is immediately chased away by a double yellow card. The blow of the knockout Junior Moraes '89' then collapses the guests, who suffer two more goals in the injury time (Solomon and Junior Moraes again).

Shakhtar will face Basel in the quarterfinals unless Eintracht Frankfurt make a super comeback, defeated 3-0 in the first leg. The Red Devils, strong of the wide advantage, play without great efforts and the first half does not give many emotions.

A fraction of the game certainly not exciting, but which finds redemption in the beautiful goal by Wiesinger at the beginning of the second half: a wonderful right-footed shot from outside the area that slips into the seven behind Romero.

The advantage, however, lasts very little and Lingard immediately finds the same after a flight behind the Austrian defense. Now there will be Copenhagen for Solskjaer and Manchester United, the obstacle to overcome to access the semifinals. Inter beat Getafe 2-0 with goals from Lukaku and Eriksen, reaching the quarterfinals.