Rummenigge: "We are entering the field respecting all opponents"

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Rummenigge: "We are entering the field respecting all opponents"

The Bayern players did a significant part of the work in the eighth-finals of the Champions League already in the first match, routinely defeating Lazio away (4: 1), and they are waiting for the rematch scheduled for tomorrow at 9 pm in Munich, quite relieved.

As part of the overture to the Roman club's visit to the Allianz Arena, the Italian media talked with the president of the Bavarian executive board, Karl Heinz Rummenigge, about the upcoming match, but also about Inter, where the former German striker spent three years during his playing career.

"We are currently defenders of all the trophies we could have won, but our strength is made up of two factors. The first is great quality, and the second is that we enter the field respecting all opponents, without arrogance and thinking that we have already won."

"Today, with a pandemic that is ongoing, there is no difference between home and away, it is like playing on a neutral field. It is important that we respect Lazio as was the case in Rome, "said Rummenigge. The leader of the Bavarians also referred to the phenomenal season of Nerazzurri, whose jersey he wore for three seasons.

"They record constant results and are very interesting tactically. A tactic that adapts to the team, thanks to Conte's merits who did a great job." "Inter is different today compared to what they looked like two years ago when the current strategist arrived.

I like it because thye are solid in defense and exceptional in the attack: Lautaro and Lukaku are working really well, but the midfield is also good. It is my pleasure to watch TV broadcasts of Inter matches. "

Rummenigge on Lukaku and Brozovic

Special attention in the ranks of the leaders of Serie A is attracted by Romelu Lukaku, who is unstoppable this season.

"Lukaku is different. He is physically a giant, but he also technically good. He doesn't live only thanks to his physique. He is good, he gave exceptional assistance to Lautaro in the derby." "Lukaku has a talent, a technique that was not so noticeable in Manchester.

He was reborn thanks to Inter " On this occasion, Rumgenigge denied Bayern's interest in Marcelo Brozovic. "We have never had any contact, to be honest. The transfer market this year will be very complicated for everyone. Last year, the market already weakened slightly, and this year it is still declining," the German pointed out.