Zinchenko believes Manchester City could win four trophies

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Zinchenko believes Manchester City could win four trophies

The eyes of Manchester City fans are shining. The players also see a chance to be written in the history. And the coach warns them to be careful. On the possibility of the Citizens becoming the first team in the history of British football to win the four most important trophies in the same season, Pep Guardiola waves his hand and, like a teacher when he wants to reprimand a student, strikes everyone who looks towards the end of the competition cycle.

The reason for the reaction of the Catalan is the statement of Alexander Zinchenko, by which he announced that Manchester City could win four trophies this spring. "I see the hunger in the eyes of my teammates as we sit in the locker room.

Everyone is eager for a trophy. Each of us wants them. The next two months are perhaps the most important in their careers, especially for Sergio Aguero and Fernandinho, who have been at the club for ten years each, they deserve to win trophies, we will try to make them happy."

"As Bayern did last season when they won everything or when Pep with Barcelona took everything that was on the coupon in the 2008/09 competition. It's possible! We have an amazing team, the best football players in the world.

Why not? ”The Ukrainian asked. This is logical if you look at City's passing time. They are the leader of the Premier League with a 14-point advantage over city rival United, next month they will play the League Cup final with Tottenham, for the weekend they will play against Everton in the quarterfinals of the League Cup, while tonight in Budapest they should certify the placement in the Champions League quarterfinals.

City has a 2-0 advantage over Borussia Monchengladbach. At the same time, they play convincingly, they seem powerful, but only two-thirds of the season has passed.

Guardiola statement

"I am older than Mr. Zinchenko. More experienced, for sure.

I do not agree with him. Alexander should only worry about how to play as well as possible." "That is his only task. And four trophies in the same season are a utopia. It has never happened before, nor do I believe it will ever happen," Pep Guardiola is cautious.

He is right. If you look at the most important trophies. For example, Manchester United won the triple crown in 1999 (Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup), but not the League Cup. Liverpool collected five cups in 2001 (UEFA Cup, FA Cup, League Cup, Community Shield, European Super Cup), the title was missing, as well as the Champions League.

Arsenal and Chelsea were nowhere near. City has a chance to beat them. "We are only watching the first next match. It is a rematch with Borussia Monchengladbach, after that a visit to Goodison Park, and then the obligation of the national team.

I wish that the players from the national teams come back to me healthy because, after that, important matches await us. "