Does Real Madrid really want Ronaldo in their team?

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Does Real Madrid really want Ronaldo in their team?

The topic of Cristiano Ronaldo's return to Real Madrid continues to burn in Spain and Italy. The Madrid newspapers Marca and AS have different views on the situation regarding the possible return of the Portuguese to Santiago Bernabeu.

Last night, Juventus' sporting director Fabio Paratici tried to put the ball down by saying that the stories about Cristiano's departure from Turin are funny, reminded that the Portuguese scored 41 goals for Juve in the season and that there was no reason to leave.

However, today, Marca brings an exclusive "inside" story in which they practically openly oppose Paratici to lie. The Madrid daily claims that Juve is looking for a way out for Cristiano Ronaldo, but that they have no choice but to provide him with public support at a time when there is no realistic option to get rid of his contract, which will cost them 64,000,000 euros next season.

No one will and cannot pay for that in these times, and Ronaldo's vanity is too big to agree to drastically smaller contracts and practically expel himself from the club of the highest-paid players in the world. His agent Jorge Mendes offered him to Real and that option was not rejected in Madrid.

Maybe out of respect for Ronaldo and everything he did for the Royal Club.

Financial aspects

However, his return to Madrid is financially illogical. Real has no plans to pay a huge contract to the veteran, and Ronaldo, with all his affinity for his ex-club, is not ready to drastically reduce his salary.

Also, Ronaldo's return would be opposed to everything that Real has planned in recent months ... Real lives in the present but thinks of the future. The analysis of what needs and can be done in the future in Madrid has been going on for a long time, because the current team is on the verge of a limit, regardless of the fact that this is in the game for the two most important trophies of the season.

In Real, they are aware, that they need fresh blood. And the best one after the precious fiasco for Eden Hazard. And that means only two names at the moment: Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland, and they have been targeted by Real for a long time.

Mbappe is a priority. He enters the last year of his contract in Paris Saint-Germain next summer, and if he does not decide to extend it for the next three months, the French club will be forced to sell him. For about 150,000,000 euros, which pays off for everyone.

And to the seller, because such money today cannot be taken for a player in the last year of the contract. And to the buyer, because such a player is worth so much money. A bigger problem will be Mbappe's salary, which currently amounts to 17,500,000 euros a year. The Frenchman could ask for twice as much, so it pays more for Real to invest in him than in Ronaldo.