Solskjaer has extended his contract with Manchester United!

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Solskjaer has extended his contract with Manchester United!

When he replaced Jose Mourinho, he was looking for a time. He got it. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will also get a new contract since the leaders of Manchester United estimated that the current head of the professional staff is the solution in the long run.

From there, they will continue cooperation with him and continue the process that began in December 2018. According to the information of the Britain media, the giant from Old Trafford has prepared a raise for the Norwegian on the basis of which he will earn about 2,000,000 euros more than he now has.

It is currently at 8,150,000 euros per season, according to the provisions of the new contract, it should collect around 10,500,000 euros in the annual calculation. As things stand, Manchester will extend Solskjaer's contract until the end of the season.

The reason is that CEO Ed Woodward does not want to leave anything to chance, having in mind the fact that this summer the former striker is entering the final year of cooperation. Theoretically, it could happen that another club "attacks" him, however, in practice there are not many clubs that are looking for a new coach.

Solskjaer did a great job

In addition, the management of Manchester wants to reward Solskjaer for managing to return United to the Champions League in almost two and a half years, even raising them to the leading position in the Premier League table in a moment, affirming several young players, and the club believes that in the near future with Ole Gunnar they could attack the title, last won in 2013 in the final year of Sir Alex Ferguson’s term.

"The obvious progress of Solskjær and the players this season gives us optimism that we will be successful both on and off the field in the future," Ed Woodward suggested that a new contract be prepared for the coach.

The only thing is that there is no precise information about duration. It is assumed that the papers would be valid at least until 2023, but what the media agree on is the amount. The mentioned 10,500,000 euros per season is in the range of what Jurgen Klopp earns in Liverpool, with Solskjaer still looking back at Pep Guardiola, the highest-paid coach in the world, to whom Manchester City, under a new contract, gives 23,000.

000 euros per season. Whether this will be a good decision for Manchester United remains to be seen in the coming period