Solskjaer believes that De Gea should not be written off

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Solskjaer believes that De Gea should not be written off

Three times, Manchester United chose David de Gea as the player of the year (2014, 2015, 2017), he also earned the Golden Glove intended for the best goalkeeper in the Premier League (2018), he was a support for the Red Devils in seasons when they were far from the top of the table.

Now that they are at the top, the Spaniard is far from the best editions. He is not on his own. He has already conceded 37 goals in 29 games, only ten times this season he didn't concede a goal, but coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is defending him from increasingly frequent criticism.

"I am not blind. I also see what the media have been writing in recent weeks, some have written off De Gea. Totally wrong." "David is still the top goalkeeper", assures the Norwegian expert on the bench of the giants from Old Trafford.

"David de Gea has been in Manchester for ten years and he is brilliant all the time. Season after season, he is at a top-level. " He missed the last three games and has an excuse. "I allowed him to travel to Spain for the birth of his child.

Dean Henderson was a goalkeeper instead and I am satisfied with how he did his job." "I'm sure it will be the same next time he gets a chance. Dean teaches. He is getting better and better, he is progressing. We do not have an untouchable "number one"

You have to prove yourself all the time. "

De Gea could be back

De Gea could return among the goal in tonight's match with West Ham at Old Trafford. He returned to England three days ago, however, he asked to be isolated for a while so as not to risk a coronavirus infection.

As there are no strict limits on how long the quarantine must last, the Spaniard is willing to be on the goal. The decision, however, is on Solskjær, Henderson had a chance against Crystal Palace, Manchester City, and Milan, and in those matches, United was matted only once.

And that was in compensation for the first match of the eighth-finals of the Europa League. "I would rather have three good goalkeepers than have none. I am extremely happy to have two that I can always rely on. It is a great position for the coach, at the same time a great challenge for the two of them."

"Both know they have to prove themselves. Their task is to train well, to contribute to the team, with the proviso that the one who is not on the goal must support his colleague from the bench ", Ole Gunnar Solskjaer added.