UEFA Champions League: Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Manchester City ready for the show

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UEFA Champions League: Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Manchester City ready for the show

UEFA Champions League is ready with a new amazing show: the matches that are still missing after the end of the National Leagues will be played in August. The Final Eight will be played at the da Luz stadium in Lisbon, Portugal.

Teams still left in the game will thus be able to concentrate only and exclusively on the conquest of the most coveted European title by the clubs. How does it works the UEFA Champions League. After a preliminary qualifying phase between July and August, round robins begin in September.

There are 8 round robins with 4 clubs for each group. The top two from each group qualify for the round of 16. From the round of 16 there are two matches for each round, played in the stadiums of the two teams. The final is played between late May and early June in a single match, with a different location for each edition.

This year the situation is obviously different. For the first time, part of the final phase of the European tournament will be played in August and with the Final Eight in Lisbon. Players will have to deal with difficult weather conditions, which will perhaps reward the best athletic condition of the teams.

The situation of the UEFA Champions League 2019-2020

The global pandemic stopped the round of 16 matches. Here is the situation. There are four clubs that have already qualified for the quarterfinals. They are Atalanta Bergamasca, who eliminated Valencia FC with the aggregate score of 8-4, Club Atletico de Madrid, who eliminated the defending Champion Liverpool FC for 4-2, RB Leipzig, which defeated Tottenham Hotspurs with the aggregate score of 4-0 and Paris-Saint-Germain, who defeated BVB Borussia Dortmund for the final score of 3-2.

The others eighy clubs played only the first matches, with the following results: Olympique Lyonnais- Juventus FC 1-0, Real Madrid-Manchester City 1-2, SSC Napoli-FC Barcelona 1-1 and Chelsea FC-FC Bayern Munich 0 -3. Despite the defeat in the match in Lyon, Juventus, leads by Cristiano Ronaldo have many chances to qualify for the quarterfinals.

The same was true for Barcelona, leads by Lionel Messi, after the draw in Naples. Bayern Munich practically in the quarterfinals, while, despite the defeat in Madrid, Real of manager Zinedine Zidane can reverse the result in Manchester, lead by Josep Guardiola, despite the City remains favorite.

Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Juventus are the four clubs with the most chances of winning the most atypical Champions League in history. Atletico Madrid and PSG will be tough opponents for anyone in the quarterfinals. Atalanta and RB Lipsia can be the surprises of the competition, and they will not be underestimated.