Cristiano Ronaldo could return to Real Madrid

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Cristiano Ronaldo could return to Real Madrid

After another disappointing relegation of Juventus from the Champions League, Cristiano Ronaldo was identified as the guilty guy. Not only because of that reaction in the wall against Porto when Juve conceded a relegation goal but also because of the entire unsuccessful project which meant that the Portuguese would bring Juventus the much-coveted Champions League trophy.

There are rumors in the Apennines that Ronaldo could leave Juventus at the end of this season, a year before the expiration of his contract. And a bomb is coming from Spain that Real Madrid has been offered to return Ronaldo!

Well-known journalist Josep Pedrerol reports that Ronaldo's manager Jorge Mendes spoke with Real Madrid in an informal tone about Cristiano's return to the Santiago Bernabeu. For a start, he wanted to examine the chances of a big comeback.

Mutual will should not be a problem. Ronaldo misses Real. And he misses more and more after the criticism he earned in Italy after the relegation of Juventus from Porto. It is obvious that Real also misses Ronaldo. Neither side was happy after Ronaldo's departure in 2018.

It wasn't the best decision ... True, both Real in Spain and Ronaldo in Italy won the titles after parting, but in the Champions League they were far from fighting for the trophy. And the Champions League is what both Real and Ronaldo strive for, the highest ambition.

Mendes started to negotiate. Clearly, Ronaldo’s return is not an economically simple option. But even at Juventus, they are ready for the green light only to solve the big expense that the Portuguese represent to them.

In three seasons, he costs around 300,000,000 euros, which is a huge amount of money for the conditions in Italian football. It is especially huge now that the crisis over the corona-virus has knocked on the doors of all clubs, including Juventus.


Let us remind you, Ronaldo was paid 117,000,000 euros and signed a four-year contract that brings him a net salary of 31,000,000 euros a year, and the club pays him 64,000,000 euros gross every year. If it is known that De Light, with a salary of 8,000,000 euros a year, is the next highest paid player in Serie A, it is clear how much Juventus has taken a bite with Ronaldo's huge salary.

And it didn't pay off ... Yes, the Portuguese won two titles, he is currently the best scorer in Serie A, but he was not signed for that. Juventus dominated Italy even without him. Ronaldo was signed and paid for the Champions League, and it turned out that Juventus went backwards with him and they were eliminated by Ajax, Lyon and Porto.

Enough to put a stamp of failure on the whole project. True, Ronaldo increased Juventus' income. In the first season, the earnings from the sale of jerseys increased by 16,000,000 euros. Juventus had sold 500,000 jerseys by then, that number jumped, but not even close to the 1,600,000 jerseys sold by Real or Manchester United.

The tickets were bought because of Ronaldo and brought in a salary of 30,000,000 euros, which is 17% more than before his arrival. Adidas increased the sponsorship agreement from 23,000,000 to 51,000,000 euros per year, and Jeep signed a sponsorship worth 50,000,000 euros in two years.

It was all Ronaldo's influence ... According to the Italian media, Juve is ready to sell Ronaldo next summer for 29,000,000 euros. The signal to Real was sent via Mendes, the decision of Florentino Perez is awaited. Ronaldo and Perez did not part in the best way. Real needs Ronaldo, and Cristiano needs Real.