Pochettino is being wary of Barcelona

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Pochettino is being wary of Barcelona

Barcelona is close to elimination from the Champions League, at first, it could be said that Paris Saint-Germain finished the job with a 4: 1 victory at the Nou Camp and that the rematch at the PSG stadium is a formality (21.00).

But the Saints remember the anthological clash from four years ago when Blaugrana managed to win (6:1) after they lost 0: 4, and went to the quarterfinals. That famous duel is in the subconscious of the Parisians, it will follow them until they take the curse off and when they win against Barca.

A lot has changed since that night at the Nou Camp, which arouses anxiety in Paris Saint-Germain. Barcelona is no longer an empire that is irresistibly rushing from season to season to win the Champions League. The Saints made an important step, they triumphed at the Nou Camp only from the sixth attempt.

The Blaugrana is embarrassed, the new king of world football, Kylian Mbappe announced the beginning of his reign. And he will be the center of attention again. Especially now that Neymar will not be on the field. The Brazilian misses the second match against the former team, and it is up to the Parisians to break another unfavorable tradition for them.

PSG-Barcelona rivalry

Paris Saint-Germain did not manage to go beyond the 1/8th of the Champions League without the Brazilian. The Saints have passed the period of growing up, they have gone through all the children's illnesses and it is time to finally get their heads out of the duel with Barcelona.

A modern rivalry has been created. One empire is in decline and ready for a complete reconstruction in order to regain the old shine, which is slowly losing. The second is being born, confirmation in the form of winning the Champions League is expected, and the Saints will have to give the Blaugrana a final blow, to begin with, and mark the collapse of one generation.

They are preparing in Barcelona to lay new foundations and start building a team that will establish dominance, they do not come without a fighting spirit, but they are aware of how difficult it will be to make a feat and a sensation like the one from four years ago.

Mauricio Pochettino has planted in the minds of his chosen ones to start from zero. "We know that Barcelona is a great team. It is important to start the match well. Both for us and for them. Barcelona has a great team, a great coach."

"We respect them and we know it will be a difficult game. There are 90 minutes of play left. For us, the match starts with the result 0: 0," said the Parisian strategist.