Angelino: "I would say that the pressure is on Liverpool. We are still alive."

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Angelino: "I would say that the pressure is on Liverpool. We are still alive."

Liverpool players celebrated in the first match of the 1/8th finals of the Champions League, played on a neutral field in Budapest against RB Leipzig (2: 0). They used the gifts of the German team and gained a nice advantage before the rematch at the same stadium (Wednesday, 21.00).

Julian Nagelsman's team showed that they can cope with the English champion. If Dani Olmo hit the net in the opening minutes instead of the post, there is no doubt that a different song would be sung before the second game.

The left-back of the Bulls, Angelino, is also aware that his team did not give the last word in the duel. Since arriving from Manchester City, the Spanish international has grown into one of the best players on Nagelsman's team.

The young German expert found the wire for him, perfectly fitting his qualities into the game of his team, so the former PSV Eindhoven player is currently the second scorer of the Bulls with eight goals this season (he also recorded 11 assists).

Leipzig brought him on loan last season and they bought him last month for 18,000,000 euros. Definitely one of the best jobs of German clubs lately. Many are wondering how it is possible that Pep Guardiola did not recognize the potential in the 24-year-old left-back, even in the moments when he had problems in that position in City due to the injuries of Benjamin Mendy.

Angelino revealed why he played badly and that his compatriot "killed his self-confidence" during his stay at the Etihad. That is why he had excellent cooperation with Nagelsmann and does not stop talking in superlatives about one of the most talented experts on the Old Continent.

"He is distinguished by his approach to the players. He instilled confidence and confidence in me from the first day and that gave my career wings." "When someone trusts you so much and gives you a chance from week to week, you have to give it back.

He is a great coach. He can work wherever he wants. He currently leads a very good team, but imagine what he could do to have an even better team. He is very young to coach. " He also tried to explain the style of play that is represented in Leipzig.

"All we try to do in training is to get to the opponent's penalty area as soon as possible. We want to play offensively and solve opponents by running behind the backline." "My task is to be placed as much as possible and if I am in a good position I will get a chance or at least send a final pass "

First match

The German team had their chances in the first match with Liverpool but did not use them. The mistakes of Marcel Sabitzer and Nordi Mukiele ultimately cost them defeat. "A couple of times we managed to find ourselves behind their defenders, but their technique is amazing."

"Alexander Arnold is unreal with the ball, but sometimes he is too offensive. We have to take advantage of their weaknesses and create a couple of chances like in the first game. Our mistake was that we didn't use them.

" Although Jurgen Klopp's team is in crisis, so the German expert had to admit that his team will not defend the throne in England, Angelino is full of respect for the upcoming opponent. "They didn't win the Champions League and the Premier League for no reason.

You just can't be perfect all the time. Van Dijk is very important to them in the back." "Every team has ups and downs. When they are in the mood and healthy they can win every opponent. So, we have to be very focused "

He is optimistic that his team can reach the desired result in the return match. "We made two mistakes and a team like Liverpool does not forgive that, but we believe we can play a good match." "There are 90 minutes left and I would say that the pressure is on them. We are still alive," concluded the always honest Angelino.