Ibrahimovic revealed what his arrival at the Sanremo Festival looked like

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Ibrahimovic revealed what his arrival at the Sanremo Festival looked like

The circus ended with Zlatan Ibrahimovic as a special guest at the famous music festival in Sanremo. The whole of Italy has been buzzing about Zlatan's new adventure for days. The craziest moment was when Zlatan had to stop on the way to Sanremo so as not to be late.

Due to traffic jams, he got out of the car and stopped the motorcyclist who drove him to the festival. He recorded it and we can see the videos that he later promoted on social networks. Many did not believe him, but ... "A film can be made about that day.

The only thing that worried me was that no one would believe me. So I made small videos while we were driving." "Since I was much heavier than him, I had to be careful to stick to the middle. Some still don't believe me ...

I'm sorry I didn't have time to talk to him anymore. When we arrived, the only thing I asked of him was to take pictures with me but he was in a hurry. I told him to wait, but he went home, "says Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Last night, he was a guest on a television show in which the mentioned motorcyclist joined via a video link. "I hope you recovered quickly from the uncomfortable driving and the cold. For me as a Milan fan, it was an amazing experience.

You have my number so you can call me the next time you get stuck." "We'll meet again sometime in San Siro. I will cheer and you will score goals ", said the motorcyclist who pointed out that he did not want to appear in the media much and made a circus out of the whole story because he believes that he did a normal thing that helped Ibrahimović.

Zlatan as a leader

Zlatan promised to see him at the stadium. Then he talked about the current season in which he leads the young team of Milan, and so far they are the biggest surprise of Serie A. "I have a great responsibility in Milan and I feel like a leader.

This is the only team in my career that excites me. I want to give a lot to that team, to lead it and teach it because I see in their looks that they expect something special from me." "I wanted to be with them at the game in Verona because I feel it should be that way.

I missed my teammates a lot during Sanremo. I often called Maldini and Pioli to talk about it. When I spend a day without a teammate, it's like I spent it without my children. " Does Milan still have a chance for the title? "There are still many games in the game and anything is possible.

Inter plays only one match a week and has more time to recover. My job is to win trophies and that's why I came to Milan. "