Edinson Cavani could sign for Boca Juniors in the summer

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Edinson Cavani could sign for Boca Juniors in the summer

According to the Argentine newspaper Ole, reliable with information, Edinson Cavani will become a new Boca Juniors player from the summer. According to this media, Cavani has already decided that these are the last months he spends in Europe and that it is time for Argentine football.

The selected destination is: Boca "He will be in Boca in July, that's the idea," Ole revealed the statement of a close person of Cavani The key thing is Cavani's desire to leave Europe and his sympathy for Boca.

Another important factor was the call of Juan Roman Riquelme, the current vice president of Boca, who called the Uruguayan in the middle of the pandemic. Cavani heard that his idol wanted to bring him to Boca soon and that the door was open for him.

As a child, Cavani dreamed of playing for this club and now he is getting closer to that. The contract with Manchester should not be an obstacle either. Because, the new year in the contract is not automatic, so he can go to Boca for the summer without explanation.

Also, it would be close to his birthplace, Salto, about 460 kilometers away, or about a six-hour drive from Buenos Aires.


The family is increasingly attracting the experienced center forward, considering that he is 34 years old and is getting closer to the end of his career.

Ole writes that Cavani is in the mood to reduce the claims from those he has in Europe, and the only request he had was for the contract to be for three years. And during that time, he would earn as much as he earns in a year in England, which is between 5,000,000 and 6,000,000 dollars.

That would be more than the current contracts in the ranks of the Argentine giant, but less than how much Carlos Tevez earned when he returned to the club in 2015. An important item in the whole story will be who will make Boca's team when Cavani comes.

Is it planned to strengthen the team and attack the Copa Libertadores, which is the wish of the striker who defended the colors of Palermo, Napoli, and Paris Saint-Germain before he signed for Manchester United Cavani decided to return to South American football, and the choice fell on Boca without a doubt, so it remains for the disposed parties to realize the agreement to the end. The Uruguayan said that he remembers watching Boca on television. Now it's all up to Boca Juniors.