Bruno Fernandes hits back at critics of his 'Big Six' record

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Bruno Fernandes hits back at critics of his 'Big Six' record

Bruno Fernandes is one of the best signings for Manchester United in recent years. He scored 34 goals and 21 assists in 61 appearances, but when he played against the strongest teams in the Premier League, the magic stopped.

He scored just one goal against the elite-ranked teams this season and of course, that cost the Red Devils points. He was also criticized by the public, and finally, the Portuguese spoke out and responded to the critics. With the effect of 15 goals and 11 assists in the current competition year, he has grown into one of the best players in the Premier League.

Many were ready to say that he has no equal, but the poor editions in the derby matches made even the most optimistic fans of the club from Old Trafford keep quiet on that issue. The only goal in duels with the toughest rivals in the championship was scored from the penalty spot, where he often puts the ball.

Bruno, however, disagrees with the criticism. "I don't know what people mean when they say the big six because I scored a goal and an assist against the six best teams. This season I gave a goal to Tottenham, but people say that penalties don't count, so it looks like the game ended with 6: 0, and not with 6: 1.

" "I'm aware that people expect me to score goals and assist in every game because I played very well from the start. I really want that. I don't make a difference between the big six and the rest of the league, I look at every game the same way.



He points out that statistics can deceive, but admits that he has not been at the required level lately. "If people want to watch the statistics in the last couple of games against great teams, the accuracy of my passes was good, maybe against Chelsea it wasn't great.

I agree that I haven't played well in the previous two games and I don't need statistics for that. I know when I play well or bad " He is affected by the comments but claims that he can cope with the pressure. "Sometimes I get sad when people who understand football say so many things I don't agree with.

They talk about one moment, even though they were players in the past and they are aware that football is more than a moment." "It's not a thing of the present, past or future, football is all three together.

It's sad to see some things people say about the team, my teammates, me." "Honestly, if people want to complain that we don't score goals in big games, we always play a draw, I prefer to say that Bruno didn't play well."

"I can handle that kind of pressure. I'm sure that at some point I will score a goal, assist and play well and that I will continue to help my teammates on the road to victory," said Bruno Fernandes.