Manchester United celebrated in the derby against Manchester City

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Manchester United celebrated in the derby against Manchester City

As things stand, Manchester City will be the champion of England this season, but today's defeat in the city derby will haunt Pep Guardiola and his players for a long time. Manchester United did not win this season in derbies, but they succeeded in the most important after the one in the matches with Liverpool - they won the city derby.

The 2-0 victory was secured by goals in the opening minutes of the first and the second half, 2nd and 50th. After only 35 seconds, referee Anthony Taylor pointed to the white dot, and Bruno Fernandes was precise. Ederson read it, he managed to catch the ball, but not to prevent the Portuguese from scoring his 16th goal this season, the eighth from the penalty spot.

It was made possible by Anthony Martial, who got the ball, tried to find a space for a shoot, but Rodri made a mistake and he is guilty for the penalty. Only 101 seconds passed from the beginning of the game to the change of the score on the scoreboard, and already in the 4th minute it could have written 0: 2 when Joao Cancello complicated and dribbled in his penalty area, but Ederson prevented Luka Shaw from punishing the right-back of Citizens.

On the new temptation, the Brazilian was among the goalposts in the 16th minute, when Marcus Rashford shot from the knee. Only after that, the home players started and played as expected from the champions. They established the initiative but did not manage to seriously threaten Dean Henderson until the 25th minute, when Zinchenko shot, right in the United goalkeeper.

Second half

Previously, Jesus was blocked, and Gundogan was inaccurate. The hosts were the closest to the goal in the 48th minute. Rodri aimed nicely from the edge of the penalty area, however, the ball hit the place where the crossbar and the goalpost meet.

Just two minutes later, a new slap followed Guardiola and his players. It was given to him by Luke Shaw, who, like Ferrari, roared through the field and scored a goal. It was a blow from which the Citizens did not recover. They could have conceded another goal until the end, especially in the 68th minute when Martial was alone in front of Ederson, but the Brazilian prevented a more convincing fiasco of his team.

They could have given one, but the reserve player Phil Foden was selfish fifteen minutes before the end and decided to shoot next to the goal after the return pass of De Bruyne. With this defeat, City broke a series of 15 consecutive victories, but they still have a big 11-point advantage over today's rival, who overtook Leicester in the second position.

By entering the 88th minute, Nemanja Matić entered the jubilee 100th game in the Manchester United jersey instead of Martial