Zinedine Zidane has great confidence in Karim Benzema

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Zinedine Zidane has great confidence in Karim Benzema

If there were some different, more normal circumstances, Madrid would burn before Sunday's big derby. It didn't happen for a long time that Atletico welcomed the spring clash with Real in front of them on the table, as the leader of the Primera.

And they will still play at Atletico stadium, at Wanda. The victory would bring peace to Atletico Madrid again in the battle for the top of the table, the defeat would shake them dangerously, it would start a hurricane around that top where they have been standing almost since the beginning of the championship.

And Zinedine Zidane, the coach of Real, does not want to pump up the atmosphere even now, he is waiting for the match with Atletico with complete coolness. "There are no favorites in the derby. It is a nice game to play and we will try to do that, to give our fans good football.

We will play against a good opponent, who is the leader on the table. If we play well and nicely, everything else will come by itself. "Our football players really like these matches," Zidane said at the press conference.

Real Madrid didn't lose at Wanda Metropolitano

There is even one statistic on Real's side: it is the only club that has not lost a game so far at the new Atletico Stadium - Wanda Metropolitano. "It doesn't mean anything.

Every game is a new story." "Everything that happened before has no effect now, nor it can help in any way." No matter how the match ends, the French expert says that the championship race will not be finished.

"There are only three points in the game, as for every usual game. We are aware that this is special, but no matter how it ends, we will still be in the race for the title. And we enter every match with the intention of winning, so it will be the same this time as well.

" What Zidane thinks about the most before the match is the condition of Karim Benzema. The Real Madrid striker, who is not yet one hundred percent ready to play, is a key player in the system of the game that is being forced by the current coach of Madrid.

"I do not want to risk it. If there is any doubt whether he can play, I will not be in favor of the option to play, because it can only make the situation worse, so we can stay without him for a longer period." "Only those who are 100% ready will play. Karim is a special, key player for us."