Buffon: "I want to end my career in June 2023."

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Buffon: "I want to end my career in June 2023."

Gianluigi Buffon became a goalkeeper icon during his decades-long career, and despite the fact that he turned 43 in January, he is still not ready to put an end to his rich career. The keeper of the Juventus net pointed out that he still has the zeal and motivation for challenges between the goalposts, but despite that, he is aware that his goalkeeper's retirement is approaching.

"I have the final stop sign in my head, the final limit, and that is June 2023. I think that is really the maximum, but I could put an end to it in four months." "They say that at my age the fall happens suddenly, but I I know how I feel and I doubt that it is possible for a fall to happen all of a sudden," Buffon said.

An experienced goalkeeper since his return to the Turin club in the summer of 2019 from Paris Saint-Germain, he is mostly in the role of Wojciech Szczesny's reserve, but he points out that he accepted the invitation of the club where he spent 17 years during his first term without a doubt.

"I'm someone who believes in destiny and when Juventus offered me the opportunity to come back I thought, 'Oh God.' You never know, maybe there's a reason I should have come back here, to write the last page."

"I have to be honest, the decision was influenced by the part of the ego we all have. "

Buffon and Pirlo

Buffon is now in a position to work with former teammate Andrea Pirlo, but the decades-long friendship has not affected his professional relationship.

"In front of other people, Pirlo will always be Mister. It is a matter of respect, his function. As long as we are here, everyone has their role, when we are not in the club, when we go out together, we are Gigi and Andrea again," Buffon said.

Perhaps the reason why Buffon returned to his home club is the much-wanted Champions League trophy. It’s a trophy that Buffon misses and seems to have a huge desire to make his last dream come true. Given that Juventus is playing this season, Buffon cannot be optimistic and there is little chance that Juventus will manage to reach the trophy.

However, miracles have happened so far and nothing is impossible in football, so we hope that Buffon can finally hold the Champions League trophy in his hands.