Gianluigi Buffon: "I will retire maximum in 2023"

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Gianluigi Buffon: "I will retire maximum in 2023"

Gianluigi Buffon talked about his future retirement from soccer. He said in an interview with the Guardian: "There really is an upper limit in my head which is June 2023. I really wouldn't go any further. But I might as well decide to quit after the next four months.

It is said that at my age the decline it all comes at once, from one moment to the next. But I don't believe it. The feelings I have now don't make me think there could be a sudden collapse. I certainly never imagined playing for so long.

I think. that it is a good story. I strongly believe in destiny. When they proposed to come back, I said to myself: one last great story to write. My friendship with Pirlo dates back to 1993, together with Gattuso. Then we had the luck and the ability to share an experience such as winning the World Cup, I think this has welded our relationship.

Not a friendship, because that does not depend on the World Cup, but our bond. When I saw him in training I thought 'God exists' Now who is our coach I always call him m ister in front of other people, it's a matter of respect.

As long as we are here we have roles, but outside we can be Gigi and Andrea."

Buffon's career

Buffon is considered one of the strongest goalkeepers in football history. With the clubs he has won 10 Serie A championships, 1 Serie B, 7 Italian Super Cups, 5 Italian Cups, a UEFA Cup, a Trophée des Champions and a Ligue 1.

With the Italian national team, of which he holds the record of appearances (176), was world champion in 2006 and vice-champion of Europe in 2012, participating in five World Cups (shared record with Antonio Carbajal, Rafael Márquez and Lothar Matthäus), four Europeans and two Confederations Cups.

Before joining the senior national team he won a European category with the Under-21 team in 1996, and in the same year he took part in the Olympic Games. He holds the unbeaten record in the single-group Serie A, having kept his clean sheet for 974 minutes in the 2015-2016 season.

He is the player with the most appearances in Serie A history, as well as the one who has played the most matches in the Italian top flight with the Juventus shirt; together with Paolo Maldini, he is also one of the two Italian players to have exceeded 1000 career appearances.

He then figures in second place among the oldest players to have played a match in the Italian top flight, behind only Marco Ballotta, and in second place also in the Champions League, behind Ballotta himself.