Inter wants Wijnaldum despite big financial problems

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Inter wants Wijnaldum despite big financial problems

Several clubs across Europe are waiting for Georginio Wijnaldum to break up and decide whether to continue his career: at Anfield or somewhere else, but according to everything that could be read in the past weeks, it seems that the Dutch midfielder will leave Liverpool at the end of the season.

It was written that Wijnaldum was offended by the Reds' offer with a salary of 80,000 euros a week, which is about 4,200,000 euros a year, and that after that he decided it was time to turn over a new leaf, and that could very easily mean moving from England.

Despite all the financial problems, Barcelona is still in the game for Wijnaldum's signature, but everything will depend on who will become the new first man of the club in the elections scheduled for March 7. The new club in the race for Wijnaldum is Inter.

According to well-informed portals close to the club, Antonio Conte is seriously considering signing an experienced midfielder, but there is still no agreement for this transfer, despite the writings of some journalists from Italy.

The reason is very simple - Inter, like Barcelona, needs to stop the fire in the club before they can even think about new players and other activities. Apart from the fact that they are at the top of the Italian championship, there is not much good news related to Inter in the previous weeks and months.

Inter is in the trouble

A lot has been written and we will try to summarize briefly - at one point the club was late with the payment of four monthly salaries for players and professional staff. Well-informed sources claim that as many as 200,000 euros are neededd only for normal functioning until the summer, while the conglomerate Suning, which keeps Inter in financial problems, is in big trouble.

Because of them, a few days ago, the Chinese club Jiangsu (also owned by Suning pr. Au) declared bankruptcy because Suning has no money for further financing, and many are afraid that something similar could happen to Inter.

Nerazzurri owner Steven Zhang recently refused to sell the majority of the club for 750,000,000 euros and is asking for 900,000,000 euros, plus another 200,000,000 euros to finance burning problems. On top of all that, it is written that Inter could fall into the hands of the investment bank Goldman Sachs.

London-based investment fund BC Partners is still interested in buying Inter, but not under the set conditions, which seriously complicates things as Zhang and his family have given guarantees that they will be able to meet their financial obligations only until June.