Romelu Lukaku cost Inter only 24 million euros

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Romelu Lukaku cost Inter only 24 million euros

What a discrepancy between field performance and office performance. Grabbing Inter towards the first scudetto since 2010, they have four points more than the city rival Milan and seven points from the current champion Juventus, however, in the management it is boiling like in apiary.

The last proof came from Manchester since United demands that the leader of Serie A pay them as much as 50,000,000 euros! They came to that amount at Old Trafford by interpreting the contract, believing that the Nerazzurri did not send them a bonus of 5,000,000 euros in the name of the performance of Romelu Lukaku.

The bonus referred to the numbers of the Belgian striker at the "Giuseppe Meazza" stadium, and as he is extremely productive in a year and a half (58 goals, 12 assists, 82 games), there is no doubt that he broke the boundaries set in the summer of 2019 when he signed for Italy in a deal worth 74,000,000 euros.

They got angry in Manchester. Not so much because of 5,000,000 euros - although that money, especially nowadays, is not to be thrown away - but because of the violation of contract items. That's how it works in the business world.

And that is why they refer to the clause which means that, in case of non-compliance with the contract, Inter is considered a debtor if it does not pay one installment of the mentioned 74,000,000 euros.


Corriere Della Sport, which placed the information, assures that the Nerazzurri have so far sent a total of only 24,000,000 euros to Manchester and that they owe twice as much money.

Specifically: 50,000,000 euros. Ed Woodward, the executive director of the Red Devils, offers the Italians a solution. Reportedly, debt write-off, but in exchange for one player. And not just anyone. He picked Lautaro Martinez or Milan Skriniar.

The Argentine striker is great this season as well, he works great in tandem with Lukaku, last summer Barcelona wanted him with all their power, but he stayed. He admitted that he doesn't want to go. Although, there are situations when a football player doesn't really ask too much.

United needs another top striker in the trophy hunt. On the other hand, Skriniar has been the target of Manchester United and some other Premier League clubs for years. The Slovak defender has two more years left on his contract with Inter, just like Martinez. It seems that he could travel to England sooner than Lautaro.