Cole: "We have to ask ourselves if everyone really wants to sign for Manchester."

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Cole: "We have to ask ourselves if everyone really wants to sign for Manchester."

Since the last title (2013), many aces of world football have paraded through Old Trafford. From Juan Mata, through Angel di Maria, Radamel Falcao, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Romelu Lukaku, all the way to Edinson Cavani.

And many others. Manchester United is such a club. Glamor. The Board may not always look exclusively at playing qualities but will put marketing options in the foreground, but there is no doubt that some well-known planetary name would increase the chances of the Red Devils to return the title to Old Trafford after eight years of waiting.

The only question is whether it is feasible, because - let's not lie - Manchester, not even in England, without mentioning Europe, is not what it was ten or 15 years ago. "To bring in the best players, Erling Haaland, for example, you have to attract them with something.

For example, a chance to win a trophy or at least be competitive next season." "Those guys are wanted, they will consider other options, such as Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Real, maybe Barcelona. If you are a player and that all the listed clubs call you, so can Manchester United be listed among them at this moment ", asks Andy Cole, the legendary United striker.

In six years under the leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson, he scored 121 goals in 275 games, but he assures that times have changed so much that now the top players are not rushing to Old Trafford. Simply, the circle of giants has expanded.

"Although I love Manchester, I would not say that a club can live only on its own name at this time. Especially if they're trying to bring in some big names. It is not the same time now and when I signed for United."

"We have to be brutally honest, at that time everyone wanted to end up at Old Trafford. It is now 2021 and we have to ask ourselves if everyone really wants to sign for Manchester. I'm not sure, "Cole added.

Ferdinand on the current situation at the club

Opposite to him, the former United defender, Rio Ferdinand, advises the current leaders to chase one of the two young stars of world football, Eriling Haaland from Borussia or PSG's Kylian Mbappe, at any cost.

Until it's too late. "Edinson Cavani is good, but he is transient. Manchester needs another striker. If Haaland or Mbappe is available, they should not be allowed to go to other clubs." "United would have to turn the world upside down to sign them.

The Red Devils are used to having stars, and these two could change the narrative of the club." "They are so good. There is room for strengthening the squad, chances are indicated, it seems to me that some football players are available." "United must be in the game for their signature," Ferdinand said.