Werner: "The period in which I didn't score goals was the worst in my career."

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Werner: "The period in which I didn't score goals was the worst in my career."

They expected a lot from Timo Werner at Stamford Bridge, above all to score the goals and to continue to paly in the Premier League in the same rhythm as he did in the Bundesliga. Werner arrived in London last summer from Leipzig for 53,000,000 euros, Blues opened their pockets after the transfer ban they had.

But Timo Werner is not good as they expected. 10 goals and nine assists are the performance of the German striker in the blue jersey. Timo Werner is also aware that he has not lived up to expectations so far. Frank Lampard was replaced due to poor results, and Thomas Tuchel was appointed the new coach.

Chelsea's results are on an upward trajectory, and Timo Werner cannot forgive himself for numerous misses. "If I had scored four or five more goals, maybe Lampard would still be the coach because we might have won a few more games.

We can't look back, because there are too many games ahead of us, but I felt guilty for missing so many chances. " "And because of the coach, and the club, and myself. I want to score goals constantly. Now we have a new coach and it's a new beginning for everyone, especially for me.

I missed so many opportunities and points, maybe now everything will be better," said the German national team player.

The first goal in the Premier League

Until the goal against Newcastle at Stamford Bridge, he was without a goal in the Premier League for over three months.

"The period in which I didn't score goals was the worst in my career. I've never missed so many great chances. I've never been without a goal for so long, so I was happy that it was over two games ago. I felt bad."

Werner discovered that the language barrier is one of the causes of weaker editions. His self-confidence dropped, he no longer believed in himself, and the arrival of Thomas Tuhel changed that. "I got along well with Lampard as well, but it's still different when I can talk to a coach in my mother language.

He can explain some things to me easier." "In Germany, one word is sometimes enough to completely change the meaning of a sentence, and then it becomes clearer. He knows me and gives me back the confidence to be Timo from the Bundesliga, to be on top and to score goals, "Werner concluded.