Conte: "I always tell my players that they have to be pessimistic when they attack"

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Conte: "I always tell my players that they have to be pessimistic when they attack"

Last season, Inter lost Serie A title by a point. In an exciting race to the throne, Juventus was the most successful and continued the championship series that lasts for nine seasons. Instructed by previous experience, the Nerazzurri entered the current year with the desire to avoid the mistake of ​​the past and focused on the goal of stepping towards the Scudetto they have been dreaming of since the 2009/10 season.

Led from the bench by Antonio Conte, the Milan giant stood out in front of the city rival and defending champion, and the strategist of the Serie A leader, full of optimism, looked back and then looked to the future. "Years ago, Juventus created a gap with dominance, but Inter has been striving for the Scudetto for a year and a half.

Other clubs have also improved, all thanks to hard work," Conte told Corriere della Sera. Since arriving at Inter in May 2019, the Italian strategist has been leading the club towards a clearly defined goal, but the path to success has required numerous changes.

"We were constantly changing, we started with a 3-5-2 system, and then we became more aggressive. We finished the previous season as Serie A runners-up and reached the Europa League final." "We started like that, aggressively.

Maybe we overdid it and our opponents are discovered the recipe. We found a balance with a good combination of aggression and patience, we became more compact " Nerazzurri will continue the championship race against Genoa on Sunday, and the odds for the guests are 12 Inter has 53 points after 23 rounds, four more than Milan, and eight in relation to Juventus.

"I always tell my players that they have to be pessimistic when they attack. An optimist is one who thinks he won't lose the ball and not get ready. A pessimist knows, he plans more." "An extraordinary balance is needed.

For me, the maximum attack is with 5-6 players: Hakimi and Perisic, plus Eriksen, who is the attacking midfielder, and Barela." "We created a lot in the first part of the championship, but we conceded too many goals.

Now there is a good balance and everyone participates in both phases."


Despite the results, Conte's work is still under the scrutiny of critics, and the objections to Nerazzurri are even in the current situation.

"When people talk about me, there is always a 'but' They say: 'He's a good coach, but ...' That 'but' stimulates me. Football is my passion, I like to watch coaches who have ideas." "I took inspiration from non-professionals coaches-.

When I finished my career as a footballer, I started from the beginning with Arezzo.I won everything as a footballer, but Conte as a coach started from zero." "Those who played in big clubs think they can to be coaches, but it's different.

I'm more prepared thanks to my experience. I've been advised not to join Inter, but I love challenges, and this one is the hardest in my career. " In the end, the Inter strategist also referred to the role of the national team coach that he had the opportunity to perform, not hiding that he would like to be shown the same part again. "I get chills when I think about the national team. My door will always be open for Italy," Conte said.