Lautaro Martinez wants to stay at Inter

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Lautaro Martinez wants to stay at Inter

A love that did not happen, and in the near future it will not - Lautaro Martinez and Barcelona. There was a long flirtation, then the announcement of negotiations, then transfers, but in the end, the Catalans, who have a completely inexplicable policy of bringing players in recent years, did not bite to the end.

Lautaro stayed at Inter, and in the meantime, everything turned around and the Argentine now does not want to go from Meazza. Moreover, in a conversation with Gazeta delo Sport, Martinez announced that he would stay in the Nerazzurri camp for a long time.

"It is true that we worked on moving to Barcelona, ​​we negotiated, but I cannot say how close it was to realization. But I was honest with coach Conte and I told him: "I'm here with my head, I promise that nothing will stop me."

"And now it's all in the past, I will sign a new contract with Inter and I will stay here for a long time," said Lautaro Martinez. There is no chance, claims the Argentine striker, that something will ruin the plans.

"I don't know when the contract extension will be officially announced. During that time, it is mine to play. My future is here, I see myself in Milan for a long time. I love this city, I like everything here: food, fans, team.

I feel only positive energy. "

Conte helped him

There is no doubt that one of the reasons why Lautaro is not leaving Inter now is a great chance to win the title of Italian Serie A. Inter is in the pole position and it seems that the rivals will have a hard time reaching it by the end of the season.

But, Martinez claims, he also learns a lot from coach Conte, that he has made a lot of progress under his leadership. "In the game phase when we don't have possession, I learned to recognize situations, to read the opponent's game, and most of all - to pay attention, to be completely focused when others have the ball."

The Argentine works great in tandem with Romelu Lukaku. That duo is the most deserving of Inter sitting at the top of the table. "Romelu and I had a similar, difficult childhood. We have always known that if we want to succeed, we must do better and more than others.

And we bring such an attitude to the field ", explained Lautaro Martinez. The Inter striker has played 33 games on all fronts this season, scoring 15 goals and assisting in seven.