Michael Zorc denied that Haaland would go to another club

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Michael Zorc denied that Haaland would go to another club

The statement of the famous football agent Mino Raiola that there are ten clubs that could afford Erling Haaland, caused controversy about the future of the Norwegian in an instant. Many understood the words of the controversial manager from the Netherlands as an announcement that goal scorer from Dortmund is leaving.

However, a reaction came from the Millionaires, and they believed that the striker of the German club will remain in the current environment. "It is clear that Erling Haaland cannot and will not choose any club after his stay in Dortmund.

I could not list ten possible teams that meet the criteria," said Michael Zorc, sports director of Borussia Dortmund. Haaland, who moved to Dortmund from Salzburg in January 2020, scored 43 goals for the Millionaires in the same number of games and has been on the wish list of football giants led by Real Madrid for months, and from Raiola's words in connection with the Norwegian began to bring Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United and Barcelona.

Zorc on Raiola's statement

Some media, such as the Daily Mail, even defined the list of 10 clubs that Raiola meant. "There are no disagreements. Raiola's statement is normal, he has to say something like that from time to time.

We are happy that Erling is here with us and that he scored goals in the last games, thus proving the importance he has for us." "I can only say that we will continue to count on him in our plans for the future, I am convinced that he does not feel uncomfortable here in Dortmund.

" Although the Norwegian is in phenomenal form, Borussia will fight until the last round for a place in the Champions League this year, and the question is whether the eventual failure of the Millionaires to qualify for the elite competition would affect Haaland and be a source of dissatisfaction.

"We assume that in the end, we will achieve our goal of qualifying for the Champions League. I have no doubt about that, but whatever happens, Erling will still stay with us." Zorc's words only confirmed the assumptions that the Norwegian will almost certainly spend the next season in the same environment, as well as that it would be much more realistic to part only in the 2021/22 season. In the meantime, they could earn some money by selling Jadon Sancho, who has started playing well lately.