Ibrahimovic: "When you play for Milan, there is no time."

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Ibrahimovic: "When you play for Milan, there is no time."

Zlatan Ibrahimovic returned to the San Siro last winter, found a large number of young players, some were signed this summer and Ibrahimovic is ready to lead them to the title of Italian champion, although only 12 months ago no one could have dreamed of that.

The derby with Inter did reduce the chances of the Rossoneri, not the hunger of the experienced striker for trophies, and even at the age of 39, he demands that everyone who wears the jersey of the seven-time European champion feels the same.

Regardless of age. Although you can see it from the statistical columns, the Swede is great (16 goals in 19 games this season). "When you are in this club, it means that you deserve to be in it. You are wearing a Rossoneri jersey because you are good.

You certainly didn't come to have someone waiting for you." "You are in Milan to play. I don't care if someone is old or young, nor do I think about how to wait for someone, because his time is yet to come.

When you play for Milan, there is no time. You have to show how much you are worth right away ", Zlatan Ibrahimović said sharply in an interview for the Swedish media on the day of the rematch with the Red Star in the sixteenth final of the Europa League.

"If I don't play well, Milan will bring another striker in the next transfer window, someone who will be better than me. That's why I have to play well." "We all have to think that way, regardless of age.

Off the field it is different, in one way I will treat Rafael Leao, in a completely different way I will treat Simon Kjaer, who is older, has children. On the field, however, we are all equal. "

Ibrahimovic as a young player

Maybe in a football sense.

In thinking and maturing - difficult. "When I was younger, the football players close to me were fantastic. They filled me with energy and adrenaline. And they were big, really big, players, cup winners, stars." " If they consider you great then it really means you have done something.

To become that, you have to work hard, be constant. Representatives of today's generations consider themselves great when they play only five minutes. I am happy to belong to the old school. " However, times have changed.

Drastically. "Social networks have changed everything. Today, individuals consider themselves champions even though they have done little or almost nothing. It was not like that before. You had to do something worth mentioning and prove yourself for a long time to be considered great."