Gasperini: "This is a football suicide."

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Gasperini: "This is a football suicide."

The decision of referee Tobias Stiller to give a red card to Freuler in the 17th minute, although the impression was that the yellow card was an adequate punishment, marked the match between Atalanta and Real Madrid in the 1/8th finals of the Champions League and make it easier for the Spanish representative.

They won 0-1 with the goal of Ferlan Mendy in the 86th minute Although the team of Gian Piero Gasperini fought to the last atom of strength, the game deficit left its mark and the club from Bergamo knelt in the end, and the Italian strategist did not hide his disappointment after the match.

"What remains is bitterness because we could not play the game we were waiting for," said the Atalanta strategist. Gasperini did not hesitate to point out the source of dissatisfaction. "Despite the result, it was a pleasure to play against Real Madrid in the Champions League.

I don't know what the result would be, but the game was completely ruined by an incident that was judged too harshly." "Given how the game went, the 0-1 result was not even so bad, but we regret that we didn't get a chance to play.

The game was ruined. Last season, after absolute chaos, the rule of playing with the hand was solved. Now we are tempted to remove any form of contact in football and that is suicide for this sport. "

Gasperini on the referee

The coach of the team from Bergamo tried to refrain from commenting on the referee so that he would not be punished by the European Football Union, but he still pointed out his dissatisfaction with the work done by the German referee.

"I just got a ban because of the statement in Serie A, if I say something now, then UEFA will sanction me for a month, but this is a football suicide. We can't have referees who have never played a game and don't know the difference between a duel and a foul."

"If they can’t differentiate, honestly, they should go and find another job. Instead, they should delegate people who played football. The referees also now have video replays, they have everything they need to judge, and yet even with replays they are wrong " "You are waiting so long for this event, and then everything fails.

We might lose anyway, I'm not complaining about the result, but at least we could have played our game." Red card for Freuler affected the approach of the hosts, so the football public, instead of a duel of lowered guards of two teams recognizable by the offensive, had the opportunity to watch mostly Real's attacks.

"It would be a completely different 11-on-11 game. People talk about a lot of absent players, okay, but Real still has immense quality in the team. I wanted a more open game, we started well with a few good moves." " It should have been completely different." - Gasperini said