Mathieu: "I needed a little attention. There is no such thing in Barca."

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Mathieu: "I needed a little attention. There is no such thing in Barca."

Clemon Lenglet suffered a nervous breakdown after a mistake that resulted in the loss of two points against Cadiz. The media in the Pyrenees write that he cried in the locker room. Jeremy Mathieu understands him. The former Barcelona defender, now a football retiree, reveals that he often felt lonely while playing at the Camp Nou stadium.

Great club. Big pressure. And a little support. Not at all. "Earlier, you had Xavi or Cesc Fabregas who were able to comfort you after a mistake, to say that it's nothing terrible, that it will be better next time, things like that."

"They tried to be positive. It is true that this is missing in Barca's locker room. You have to accept that it works that way, that you are a bit lonely, but that it happens, that you have to continue to train even harder, more than others, and that's it ", the 37-year-old Frenchman revealed in an interview for the Catalan RAC1.

Mathieu on his moments in Barcelona

Mathieu experienced it himself. "I had difficult moments in the last year, I had the impression that we lost in Turin because of me (against Juventus with 0: 3 in the first match of the quarterfinals of the Champions League), they killed me, but I knew that football plays 11 people."

"I'm strong in my head. I went and enjoyed Sporting. They talk to you there when something bad happens, and I needed a little attention. There is no such thing in Barca. Nothing." "You make a big mistake and the next day no one says a word to you.

Not even Luis Enrique as a coach, no one… I felt lonely in the locker room, you are alone, for me, it is not a football club as it should be " Despite everything, Mathieu said: playing for Barcelona, ​​with aces such as Xavi, Andres Iniesta, and Lionel Messi, is his biggest success in his career.

It seems that there are huge problems in Barcelona's locker room and it seems that the real leader in the team is missing, but not only the leader but also the cohesion that is needed. This can be noticed in their results as well.

Barcelona has never had worse results and sometimes it seems that the players are in a conflict with each other and that they cannot find a common language. Playing for Barcelona is a huge pressure because you are always expected to win and nothing else. Some players have a harder time dealing with this and the club must understand that mental help is necessary