Jose Mourinho: "I don't know what you mean when you say we are in a crisis."

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Jose Mourinho: "I don't know what you mean when you say we are in a crisis."

Tottenham suffered another defeat, fifth in the last six league matches (1: 2). For the first time in his career, David Moyes was better than Jose Mourinho, so his West Ham climbed to fourth place on the table. After the failure in the London derby, the Spurs only have mathematical chances to reach the Champions League, at least through the Premier League.

The worst start for Mourinho in his coaching career. After 50 league games, he won only 81 points. The Portuguese, however, does not doubt his methods. "No, not at all. The results are sometimes the product of different situations in football, and my methods and the methods of my professional staff are the best in the world."

They also refuse to accept the fact that Tottenham is in crisis. "I don't know what you mean when you say we are in a crisis. If frustration and sadness in the locker room are a crisis, we can say so, because no one is happy and we showed that in the game."

"When a team fights like that, until the last second, tries to change the result, it's never a group crisis, because teams are in crisis when they're not playing as one looking for better results. So, I wouldn't say we're in a crisis, but that we had a series of very bad results.

It's obvious. We lose too many matches "

Defensive mistakes

He believes that his team deserved more against West Ham, which must be admitted is true. The Spurs were a far better rival, but they paid due to defensive mistakes.

Again. "I think we deserved at least a point. When you make mistakes you can say you deserve to be punished." "We made two defensive mistakes, especially on the second goal, so maybe we deserved punishment. I think, though, that it's because of the way we played with the ball, the chances in the first and then some better chances in the second half, deserved a different result "

Tottenham is nine points away from fourth place, but Mourinho is not giving up on the Champions League. "Mathematically it is possible. When it is like that, then we have a chance. It is difficult, very difficult, but in theory, it is possible.

It is clear that we have problems and that they are reflected in the results and points, but I also believe that luck will smile on us again." "When that happens, things will be different. Hit the goalpost and the ball goes into the net.

VAR decisions, I'm not talking about those today, because I haven't had a chance to look at them, are often controversial and are made on the basis of one centimeter." "I believe that the situation will change if this team wins a couple of games in a row and that we can still reach the first four places. Nine points is a lot, but nothing is impossible. "