Jurgen Klopp: "Now I am convinced that God is cheering for Manchester City"

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Jurgen Klopp:  "Now I am convinced that God is cheering for Manchester City"

The difference is already 16 points. Manchester City has a match less until they end their visit to Arsenal. Until recently, they convincingly defeated Liverpool(4: 1), but Jurgen Klopp does not think that only football is the reason for the huge lag behind the leader of the Premier League.

Allegedly, higher forces intervened. At least, such an impression was gained based on the words of the Liverpool coach after the fourth-tied defeat at home and practically lost chances to defend the title. "You simply can't play football under strong gusts of wind.

Now I am convinced that God is cheering for Manchester City and that he will do everything to stop us. And you can't beat God, "said Klopp, because, after Burnley, Brighton, and City, he was defeated by city rival Everton.

In that way, the team of Carlo Ancelotti equalized in points with the Reds, who look unrecognizable. Not even close to that of Liverpool from previous seasons

Klopp found excuses

"Some things I really can't explain.

It is known that we are a team that dominates the field, but our opponents still give us goals. We neutralized Everton well, and we were punished after the first mistake." "On the other hand, guests could have made ten mistakes and we would still not punish them.

" That the problems in the game of the current champion are obvious can be seen from the fact that he scored only one goal in the last five games at Anfield. "The most important thing is to admit to ourselves that Everton scored two goals, we did not score and that is the difference.

We created a lot of promising situations between their goals, only we missed the final shot ", added Jurgen Klopp. And when it comes to excuses, this is not the first time that a German blames the wind for a bad result.

And not just the wind. Many excuses were found in his repertoire. It seems that the main reason is not some major forces or referees. Liverpool has had the same players on their team for a couple of seasons and they seem to have lost motivation for some bigger ranges.

They won the Premier League they had been waiting for a long time, and now they are far from defending the same. It is likely that Klopp will have a lot of work to do in the summer and will have to make big changes if he wants to achieve what he did in previous seasons.