West Ham vs Tottenham 2-1: Jesse Lingard proved United made a mistake

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West Ham vs Tottenham 2-1: Jesse Lingard proved United made a mistake

Jesse Lingard plays like a football magician, West Ham is rushing towards the Champions League, and the agony of Tohenham is getting deeper. Former United offensive player prefers London to Manchester, cooperation with David Moyes is more suitable than with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, and today he helped the Scottish expert to defeat the team led by Jose Mourinho for the first time in his career from the 16th attempt.

Although they may not have deserved it, Tottenham lost in the London derby of the 25th round - 2: 1. Lingard told a week ago how Ole made a mistake about him at Old Trafford, how there was no better chance and minutes in the moments when, as he says, he was one of the most physically fit in the team.

The Englishman continued to confirm in the Hammer jersey that when he plays, he constantly represents a serious threat to the opponent's goal. He was unstoppable in the 47th minute when he hit the far corner of Lloris' goal perfectly with his left foot.

This doubled West Ham's advantage from the fifth minute when Antonio scored in front of Tottenham's goal. Thus, for the first time in the Premier League, Jose Mourinho conceded a goal in the first five minutes of both halves.

For Lingard, four games under Moyes were enough for three goals, he scored that much in 36 matches for United under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Tottenham continued the practice according to which they did not win any of the last 11 games (nine defeats, two draws) when they lost at halftime.

Gareth Bale and Kane

And it's not that they didn't have a chance, it's not even wrong to say that they deserved at least one point. Mourinho did a great job with a change as Gareth Bale replaced Eric Lamela at halftime.

The Welshman brought a lot of liveliness into the game, he set a goal from the corner to Lucas Moura, who shot great from the first post. Harry Kane constantly threatened in the manner of the most influential football player of the Spurs, both from the game and from the break, but the balls ended up right next to the left and right goalpost after his shots.

He did something similar in the first 45 minutes. The best scorer of the visiting team almost set up a goal by Heung Min Son in the 79th minute, but Declan Rice prevented him from doing so with a superb slip. By the end of the game, the absolute offensive of Mourinho's guys, and West Ham could very easily drop their points in the second minute of overtime, when the ball hit the Son, and then the goalpost of Lukas Fabianski.

A disappointing result for Tottenham, which did not deserve to be defeated for the fifth time in the last six championship matches. This was introduced as the end of the real hopes of the Singers to be able to reach the place that leads to the Champions League