Philipp Lahm: "Don't declare yourself gay"

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Philipp Lahm: "Don't declare yourself gay"

Philipp Lahm, former Bayern Munich defender, captain of Germany who won the football world cup in 2014, made incredible statements in the book Das Spiel. Die Welt des Fussbals, warning soccer players against coming out. He said: "If someone had in mind to do this and were to ask me for advice, I would suggest that they consult with a trusted person and honestly come to terms with themselves, as to what the real reasons are for this step.

But I would never advise them to talk about this issue with his teammates: he should take into account that in many stadiums he would be subjected to insults, offenses and defamatory phrases: who would put up with it and how long? It seems to me that currently in the Bundesliga there is little chance of to successfully take such a step and get out of it without personal harm.

" It is incredible how in 2021 there are still prejudices about how to live one's life and having to keep hidden some truths that should not affect a person's life in the least. Less than a sportsman or sportswoman.

Alaba announces: "I'm leaving Bayern Munich"

After 13 years at Bayern Munich David Alaba has decided to change club. The Austrian, who is due to expire at the end of the season, announced this at a press conference, organized precisely to talk about his future: "I chose to try something new, but it wasn't an easy decision.

On the contrary, this team is part of my heart", the words of him. “I decided a few weeks ago not to renew and I communicated it to the club. I need a new challenge, to get out of my comfort zone. Future? I have not yet made a decision.

" Despite his words, however, the fate of the Austrian winger is already written: at the end of the season he will move to Real Madrid, a club with which he has already reached an agreement. Alaba with Bayern Munich has practically won everything and promised to want to leave with other trophies.

In the next few years he will try to win with Real Madrid, the glorious club he will move to at the end of his contract with the Germans. Alaba has already found total agreement with the blancos and will soon sign a four-year contract for 10 million net per season.