Alexis Sanchez to Inter!

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Alexis Sanchez to Inter!

Ashraf Hakimi arrived to Inter for 40,000,000 euros and the team is now hoping to add Alexis Sanchez to its roster.
The field is being prepared in Milan for the purchase of the Chilean's contract and promotion to the officially new Nerazzurri player, and the complete job could be completed the day after the match with Getafe in the Europa League (Wednesday, 21.00).
According to the news from Italy, there is a great chance that this will happen, since the director of Inter, Beppe Marotta, agreed with the leaders of Manchester United, and at the same time the winger is willing to give up the megalomaniacal salary he had at Old Trafford.
Marota did the easier part first and sent it.

Although lengthy, negotiations with the Red Devils were brought to an end by Manchester lowering the price from the initial 20,000,000 euros to 15,000,000 euros.
Inter has accepted the conditions, so there are no problems between the clubs.

In Italy, it was mentioned for days how they could be on the Alexis Sanchez-Inter route, but the player showed a great deal of understanding for the global crisis and significantly reduced the competencies that would have followed if he had remained under contract with the English.

For a start, Nerazzurri will sign a three-year contract with the Chilean after a year of loan. His contract with Manchester expired in 2022, but Inter has been offering him security since the summer of 2023, and that is one of the reasons why the former first team player of Udinese, Barcelona and Arsenal agreed to the agreement.

The financial details of Alexis Sanchez's potential move

On that basis, his salary of 12,000,000 euros per season will fall significantly. And it will amount to 4,000,000 euros a year, so what he would have earned only if he had stayed at United for another year will have to wait three flights in Milan, but ...
The point is multiple.

Alexis Sanchez would certainly not play for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Then, he is already 32 years old and he is aware that there are few clubs in the world that could offer him the financial demands he had at the Old Trafford.

And thirdly, he likes life in Italy, where he has already spent three seasons in Udine, he is now in the center of Lombardy and he does not want to give up the sweet life just like that.
At the same time, Inter will include clauses in the contract by which it can significantly raise the income from 4,000,000 euros, depending on the number of games, goals, assists and - trophies.
By the way, in the just finished season, Inter paid Alexis Sanchez 5,000,000 euros, and he received the remaining 7,000,000 from Manchester.