Barcelona's first wish: Erling Haaland

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Barcelona's first wish: Erling Haaland

The game in Andalusia served as an occasion for the pens of European journalists to glow once again. Erling Haaland demonstrated a new brilliant game - two goals and an assist - that even in the moments when Dortmund is not doing well (and this was often the case this season), he is solving the rival on his own.

At only 20 years old. And as such, he seems like a safe bet for all the bigger clubs that are looking for the "nine" Among others, Barcelona, ​​which after the decision to get rid of Luis Suarez easily, was forced to find a new classic striker, since there is no such player in the team.

However, due to his age, and the impression that he has ten years of playing at a top-level ahead of him, in which he could mark a new football era when Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi come down from the biggest stage, and Haaland demands a serious financial sacrifice.

And that is what Barcelona cannot offer at the moment. Despite that, as long as there is a per mille chance that the Dortmund striker will end up at the Nou Camp in the next period, the Norwegian will be the desire of both the people within the club and the candidates who are running for the new president of Barcelona.

But, in order for their wish to come true, the Catalan Mundo Deportivo reminds in today's edition that for the mentioned reason, it will depend on many things. Hence, the mentioned paper in the same text highlights the remaining candidates for the vacant position of Barca's nine.

Barcelona's wishes

The first, already connected with the arrival in Catalonia in the previous two terms, is Memphis Depay. Although the Dutchman is not a classic striker, he is an explicit wish of his compatriot on the Barcelona bench, Ronald Koeman, and as such he is one of the alternative options of the Catalan club.

At the end of the season, his contract with Lyon expires, and he would arrive without compensation, which is not a negligible thing in Barcelona's situation. However, the Catalans will have to keep an eye on Depay, because according to Corriere dello Sport, Juventus, smelled the situation and offered him a four-year contract worth 5,000,000 euros per season.

Koeman's other wish, although incomparably more expensive, is Romelu Lukaku. It is about another nine, which, like Haaland, attracted the attention of European greats, especially in the period since his arrival at Inter.

Koeman is specifically familiar with his qualities from before, since he coached him at Everton and, taught by the experience from Goodison, believes that the Belgian is the prototype of a real central striker. Fast, physically strong, and lately he has significantly improved his technique, but, like Haaland's, his transfer would require huge finances.