Klopp: "Many expected us to slip again, to lose."

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Klopp: "Many expected us to slip again, to lose."

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp could not hide his satisfaction after the victory over Leipzig in Budapest (2: 0). After three consecutive defeats, the Reds finally broke away and made probably the key step for placement among the eight best teams in Europe.

"It was the game we wanted, the game we needed. Leipzig can be a real monster, they beat many teams and they are really physically great. Tonight we controlled them in an extraordinary way. A well-deserved victory."

Many expected us to slip again, to lose Klopp looked happy after the win, which is not surprising given that we know how much pressure is on him and given how badly Liverpool has played in recent months Klopp is aware that after all the great successes, many can hardly wait for the fall of Liverpool ...

"We were at the top for two years, we were really good. This year we have problems and that's fine. the fourth in a row. We didn't allow ourselves that, the guys recovered and I congratulate them on that. " Julian Nagelsmann does not blame his players in public, regardless of the two cardinal mistakes that crucially contributed to the defeat ...

Nagelsmann on his team

Nagelsmann thought that they did not deserve such a defeat, but it is certain that the next match will be played differently "It was relatively equal in the first half of the match. We had less possession, but Liverpool did not have as many chances.

We were not as brave as in the second half." "Of course, those mistakes happened that are not forgiven even at much lower levels, in less important competitions. I know one thing - we were not weaker by two goals.

We will do our best in the return match ", said the young expert. Although Liverpool has a huge advantage and a great chance to go in the next round, they must not underestimate the Leipzig team because we are aware of the miracles that happened in previous seasons in the Champions League.

It is very important that the Leipzig players recover mentally from this defeat and are ready to enter the next match. Liverpool has been playing very badly lately and Leipzig could take advantage of Liverpool's bad day.

Nagelsmann will surely start offensively from the first minute because they have nothing to lose. Given Leipzig's attacking power, it would not be surprising if they managed to catch up. It will certainly be an interesting duel between these two opponents next time.