RB Leipzig vs Liverpool: Leipzig will want to take advantage of Liverpool's poor form

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RB Leipzig vs Liverpool: Leipzig will want to take advantage of Liverpool's poor form

Tonight we have an interesting match between Liverpool and Leipzig. Both teams are extremely strong and attack-oriented. However, Leipzig is still "just a talent factory", while Liverpool's myth about the team that until recently instilled fear among the elite of England and the Old Continent has seriously faded in recent weeks.

Those who a few months ago believed that the Reds could go for the seventh European title are no longer so optimistic. Their hopes were lost in the endless corridors of the Premier League, where Liverpool is not even a pale shadow of the team from last season.

Last competition year, when Liverpool celebrated the long-awaited title and confirmation that they are the best team in England (after 24 rounds they did not lose - with 70 out of a possible 72 points, 19 more than second-placed Manchester City), even then it was known who the new champion was.

Then the goal difference was plus 41, now it is skinny plus 13. Today, also after the 24th round, the Reds have only 11 triumphs, seven draws, and even six defeats. They tied three in duels against Brighton, Leicester, and Manchester City and unlike last season when they were adorned with an aura of invincibility, there is currently no team, either in the Premier or on the Euro scene that is not convinced they can beat Salah, Mane and company.

"If you are with us and if you followed us throughout the season, you are clear about the set of circumstances that happened to us. We have to keep what has been good in the game in recent weeks." "If you watched the matches with Manchester City or Leicester, they did not look like a training ground where we will receive seven and score only two goals.

It is all the result of individual mistakes, we have already talked about that. I don't need a break, I'm ready for the challenges that are in front of us ", Jurgen Klopp commented on the result crisis that is shaking the English champions.

Puskas Arena

The title in the Premier League has been lost, but Liverpool has the opportunity to improve their impression on the neutral ground of the Puskas Arena in Budapest so that they can finish the job in the return match at their Anfield.

Leipzig does not have the advantage of the home field because COVID's measures in Germany prevented the arrival of the rival on the Red Bull Arena. But Julian Nagelsman is aware of the vulnerability of Liverpool's defense - from the start of the season until now, Klopp has had to change as many as 17 different combinations in the central part of the defense.

In addition, hundreds of individual mistakes, Alison's transformation into Loris Karius, and giving balls and goals to rivals certainly affected his level of self-confidence. And he was one of the key figures for Liverpool's domestic and European dominance.

"Liverpool is a world-class team. Despite the poor results in the championship, many coaches in the Premier League emphasize Manchester City and Liverpool as the most dangerous rivals you can play against." " They are able to immediately accept the coach's instructions and adapt to the game of any rival."

"They have given up their Premier League title and will now attack the Champions League with full force," Julian Nagelsman concluded.