Antonio Conte pleased with his team's victory against Lazio

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Antonio Conte pleased with his team's victory against Lazio

Juventus has been on the Italian throne for nine years. It seems that the time has come for the scudetto to move to Milan. The Rossoneri made a big mistake with the defeat against Spezia on Saturday (0: 2), the Bianconeri fell in Naples (0: 1), so the Nerazzurri are the new leaders of Serie A.

Coach Antonio Conte has had a lot of ups and downs this season. There was also talk of a change at the helm after the crash in the Champions League, but the main goal of Inter this season is the title in the Apennines. Lazio (3: 1), which was in a rush, was defeated on Giuseppe Meazza.

He provided a great game to Romelu Lukaku, who defeated the Romans with two goals. The Belgian reached the 300th goal in his career and confirmed that he is the dry gold of the Milan team. "This was a goal we wanted for a long time.

We had to beat a very strong Lazio team to get to first place. Congratulations to Lazio and colleagues Simone Inzaghi, because they are solid, organized, and have a lot of quality." "The fact is that our rival had six consecutive victories show their strength, but at the same time they show our mental strength.

I am happy for the guys. This must be a good starting point for us, not a goal. We know that the next game is a derby with Milan," Conte told Italian Sky Sports.

Romelu Lukaku and Eriksen

He praised all his teammates but pointed out the hero of the match, Romelu Lukaku.

"Romelu and the whole team played great. Lautaro did really well, as did Ivan Perišić, Marcelo Brozović, defenders ... They all contributed." "Some started muttering about Lukaku after the Italian Cup and a few weaker performances, suggesting that he had a psychological problem, but there are moments when you are not at 100 percent.

He returned to the rhythm, he fired from all weapons. We need Romelu like this. We needed this determination and passion," praises the Belgian experienced expert. Dane Christian Eriksen finally made Conte give him a chance in the starting 11.

The former Ajax and Tottenham player has been struggling for a year at San Siro. He has not met expectations so far. "Christian Eriksen is starting to understand what we want from him and I think the fact that he played last week and now against Lazio shows that he is really growing."

"This is the way, everyone must feel that they are the protagonists and that we can count on everything. We know that there is only one goal, and that’s to make Inter proud." "I think Christian had trouble understanding the role in the team, understanding Italian football, which is very difficult and tactically different compared to the Premier League."

"He started getting into these situations, at all. I think he has now taken a step forward, to start understanding the Italian style. He is an additional option for us and now I am more comfortable relying on him," said Conte.