Mourinho: "Another modern penalty put us in a strange situation."

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Mourinho: "Another modern penalty put us in a strange situation."

Tottenham's stumble continues. After relegation to the FA Cup from Everton just three days ago (4: 5 after extra time), they were defeated at the Etihad by Manchester City. The citizens thus tied 23 games in all competitions without defeat, while Jose Mourinho's team achieved only one triumph in the last five matches.

After the match, the Portuguese expert points out that the fatigue affected his team, but he also has objections regarding the penalty that was awarded in favor of the Citizens. Mourinho has nothing to complain about his team, which only spent two hours on the field three days ago, so it is clear that there is certain fatigue among the players.

However, City also played with Swansea in the oldest competition in the world (3: 1) on February 10, although there was no extra time in Wales. "It was a clash of a fresh and very tired team, which opened the game very well and was in complete control.

We hit the crossbar, the advantage could give us much needed energy, especially because the guys were very tired."

Mourinho on penalty

After the penalty, everything was different. The Portuguese also gave us the definition of a “modern” penalty.

"Another modern penalty put us in a strange situation. It is a penalty that they play when you touch your opponent with your fingernail. For some it is a penalty and then VAR intervenes and you cannot deny that there was contact," Mourinho explained.

He points out that he is still satisfied with the release of his team, especially the attitude with which the players approached the match. "I am very pleased with their attitude. A couple of days ago, some spent two hours on the field.

They did their best. But it was very difficult for a few. A team that is not united will be punished in the end, but I saw guys who gave their best, so I can't blame my players for anything, except for a few mistakes in defense, which are always there.

" Gareth Bale and Dele Ali were also a topic again. The Welshman got a chance from the bench against the leader but did not help his players change the state of affairs on the field. Mourinho believes that the mentioned duo could be of great importance for the team, especially in the desire to reach the Champions League.

"They are good players, who when they are fit and ready can help, and in that case, they are always welcome. We coaches can make mistakes, like everyone else." "None of us are crazy. Nobody says they don't want players to help the team when they are able to do it.

Do they have quality? Yes, we all know that. When they are fit, ready, and think that they are physically and mentally in a good place, then they are welcome, because we need all available players. "