Mourinho: "Gareth Bale is still not 100% ready"

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Mourinho: "Gareth Bale is still not 100% ready"

He was hated in Madrid, even though he had some brilliant games, and he was even the most deserving of some big trophies, for example, the Champions League trophy in the final with Liverpool. But if anyone even thought that all of Gareth Bale's problems were just a consequence of his dissatisfaction with the treatment at Real, it has now become clear that the Welshman simply put football in the background.

And Jose Mourinho is not a man who will keep quiet about anyone, so on the eve of the derby with Manchester City, he properly attacked Bale because of - the announcement on social networks On the eve of Tottenham's dramatic defeat by Everton (4: 5) in the FA Cup, Bale posts a photo with the caption: "Good training today"

Seemingly everything is OK, but not when we are talking about a player who played only 230 minutes in the Premier League this season. Not because he is not good enough, but because he is - always unprepared.

Mourinho on Bale

"I have to look back on that announcement because there is a contradiction between it and reality."

"Since the beginning of the season, I've always tried to keep absolutely everything private, but I have to talk about this," Mourinho began, and it was immediately felt that an explosion was brewing. "Probably the announcement is not his responsibility either, but it speaks of great training and that the player is ready, which is completely wrong.

And that's why I have to say how it really is." "I repeat for the last time. He was not feeling well. He went for a scan. The scanner did not show any injury, but he still felt something. As coaches, doctors can never go against a footballer’s feelings.

So he was not ready for the match. It's simple. If he is ready he will play tomorrow "Mourinho thundered. He is not silent to anyone. And Bale gave no one a reason to take his side. He started only two games in the Premier League this season.

This season, he did not play all 90 minutes in the championship, although it should be said that he arrived in London with a knee injury. More was expected of Bale, though. He was expected to make a great tandem in England with Harry Kane and Heung-min Son.

It turned out that the end of the adventure at Real damaged him in the long run. And Tottenham pay him around £ 250,000 a week! He gets another 350,000 from Real. Every week.