Neymar on his injury: "I don’t know if the problem is in me"

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Neymar on his injury: "I don’t know if the problem is in me"

From enthusiasm to nervousness. When he arrived at Princes Park, he was greeted as the final piece of the puzzle with the intention of the Arab owners to win the Champions League. After three and a half years in Paris Saint-Germain, the most respected French sports daily express concern whether Neymar's absence was premeditated or he was really injured.

After a break of a month after the visit to Caen, the editors of L'Equip were forced to see through the archives and, by inspecting the "history of the disease", state how the Brazilian fell into the "Glass Trap"

With that title, they welcomed the readers on Friday, reminding them that the most expensive football player of today has never been at the disposal of the national champion since he moved from Barcelona three and a half years ago.

In the first season, he was injured before the rematch with Real Madrid in the 1/8th finals of the Champions League, in the next, he watched the elimination from Manchester United from the stands, in the previous season he was available to Thomas Tuchel for a duel with Borussia Dortmund, but the fact that he will not be again on the field in perhaps a crucial part of the season is alarming.

Neymar will be absent

Neymar will be absent for four weeks due to a reported hip injury, he will certainly miss the first match with Barcelona, ​​and the question is whether he will recover for the rematch with the former club.

The rematch with the Catalans is scheduled for March 10. The next day, Neymar's sister Rafaela celebrates her birthday. The villains would say that he was intentionally injured so that he could go to Brazil, for another party.

Proof that they are right will be found in the fact that, even while playing at the Nou Camp, he missed every match on the day of his sister's joy. He was on the bench in March 2014, he was punished for the next two seasons, and in 2017 he was injured.

Just like now. "The sadness is big, the pain is immeasurable, the crying is incessant. Once again, I will, for a short time, stop doing what I love most in life, and that is playing football. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable because of the style of play, because I dribble, and they constantly attack me."

"I don’t know if the problem is in me or what I’m doing in the field. It just saddens me that I have to listen to opposing players, coaches, commentators or when they are still talking about how they have to beat me, that I often fall, that I am crying, that I am spoiled."

" Honestly, I don't know how much longer I will be able to do that to suffer. I just want to be happy playing football. Nothing more, "Neymar pointed out in a post on Instagram.