Mourinho: “We played with amazing quality when we had the ball in our feet."

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Mourinho: “We played with amazing quality when we had the ball in our feet."

Everton and Tottenham directed a spectacular game at Goodison that will be remembered for a long time. Nine goals, hundreds of chances from a combined 22 shots on target, and finally Caramel's first placement in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup since 2016.

Tottenham opened the match better, reached the advantage with a goal by Son, but saw the host's blitzkrieg and in the end, had to come to terms with the elimination. “We played with amazing quality when we had the ball in our feet.

We created chances from the first minute." "We were creative, we played dynamically. Of course, our level of play dropped in overtime, but that is something that is happening in that period ", explained Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho.

Harry Kane and Bale

The recently recovered Harry Kane came in from the bench in the 53rd minute when the host was leading 3: 2, and half an hour later, with the result 4: 3, the Spars captain scored for overtime. "Harry played for about 60 minutes, the rest of the team for 120.

Of course, we didn't want extra time and we tried to win in 90 minutes. We showed it from the first minute, we demonstrated the same thing when it was 3: 3. My guys were constantly trying to win. That's a fantastic thing.

“ As against Chelsea, Brighton, and Liverpool in previous weeks, the defense of the London team did not excel. "Please don't make me talk about the mistakes we made, because they were obvious and I just don't feel comfortable talking about it," Mourinho said.

Gareth Bale, who played only 230 minutes of league football this season, was not even in the protocol for the duel of the 1/8th finals of the oldest football competition. "We had a game with West Brom on Sunday, he didn't play.

On Monday I was a little surprised when he told me he wanted a scan because he felt discomfort in the muscle." "That's why he didn't train on Monday. Then he trained with the team on Tuesday, and then I got the information that he still wants to work with the physiotherapy team to strengthen and eliminate the muscle problem."

"That's why he wasn't there today. I don't think it's a pure injury. It's more about not being 100 percent ready, "he concluded. Tottenham must now turn to the league and try to secure a place that leads to Europe