One of the best transfers: Angelino signed a contract with RB Leipzig

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One of the best transfers: Angelino signed a contract with RB Leipzig

Spanish defender Angelino (24) will officially become a player of RB Leipzig from tomorrow. So far, this guy was only a loaned player of the Citizens, and since he will make his 20th appearance for the Bulls on Friday night, the must-buy clause from the contract will be activated.

Thus, the German Bundesliga player will get the most productive defender in Europe this season for only 18,000,000 euros. True, the Germans first paid 2,000,000 euros for the loan, but the impression is that even then we do not get an amount that adequately reflects the value of a great side player.

Asked whether he will be in the squad tomorrow and thus definitely become a Leipzig player, the coach of that team, Julian Nagelsman, otherwise an expert known for frequent rotations, said: "Angelino is a special player.

He always wants to play and win. He has an extremely high level of energy, which is important. He feels uncomfortable on the bench. He has made incredible progress in recent months, but I think he can still improve his game," German said


Angelino has been playing in terrible form for the last year.

This season he has at least a goal and an assist in all competitions. A total of 28 matches, eight goals scored and as many as 11 goals scored. An effect that many classic wings would envy ... His performance in the Champions League is particularly impressive.

In the group with Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United, which Leipzig passed, Angelino scored three goals and the same number of assists. Let us remind you, City brought the young Spaniard as a teenager almost eight years ago from Deportivo.

He later sent him on numerous loans, sold PSV to Eindhoven for 5,500,000, and returned him for 12,000,000. Leipzig brought him in January 2020 and now it can be stated - they have done one of the best jobs in recent years. The market price of the Spanish defender is now around 35,000,000 euros.

And if he continues like this, there is no doubt that his price will rise. Interestingly, Angelino has not yet made his debut for the Spanish national team. Jose Gaya and Sergio Reguilon still have the advantage there. However, he could soon receive a call from the national team, which he should have received earlier.

He showed that he could soon be one of the best defenders and that if he continues like this, he could quickly end up in one of the Spanish giants.