Gareth Bale, despite the absence of some players, still does not get a chance

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Gareth Bale, despite the absence of some players, still does not get a chance

Gareth Bale's status in Tottenham faster than expected became a topic both in England and in Spain, from which he returned to the Premier League. The footballer, who has been on the sidelines at Real Madrid for a long time, attracted a lot of media attention by returning to the environment in which he affirmed himself, but in his second term, he is far from the games he provided before the transfer worth 101,000,000 euros.

The position in which Bale is in Jose Mourinho's visions has been a topic for weeks, considering the fact that he got a chance at the spoon, and the decision of the Portuguese not to reach for the offensive against Chelsea, despite the goal behind, initiated analyzes by British and Spanish media.

On this occasion, the Spanish As pointed out that Mourinho's move shows the level of distrust in the Welshman, who warmed up along the outline during the entire second half but did not get the opportunity to try to change the result.

Although Kane was absent from the team, and Son and Carlos Vinicius did not manage to find their way to the rival's goal, Lamela and Lucas got the chance, while the returnee from Real remained forgotten on the sidelines.

The same media emphasized that it is clear from this example that the future of the fast-footed offensive player is further and further away from London, which indicates new problems for the upcoming summer.

Tottenham made mistake

The Daily Mail dealt with the same topic, characterizing Bale as a costly and humiliating Tottenham miss, with the question of where the hunger and desire to prove disappeared.

The British paper points out that the eight-figure amount of European banknotes (around 22,500,000 euros) invested in Bale's return from this perspective looks like too expensive a price for a player sitting on the bench, and that the bigger problem is that the Welshman is among the reservists.

Although the relationship between Mourinho and the striker is obviously not ideal, the Portuguese did not want to engage in deeper controversy on this topic, and after the city derby in his style, he answered the journalist's question why Bale did not play: "That's a good question, but you don't deserve an answer.

" A race in which Tottenham lags far behind rivals for the European scene will force Mourinho to use all available forces to reach the goal, but the question remains whether circumstances will change Bale's status or not, this will be just another bad season for him.

The first opportunity for the football public to get an answer will be today's duel between Tottenham and Sheffield, but as things currently stand, in order for change to happen, it is necessary for Bale to make a step forward and finally show the desire that adorned him before leaving for Spain.