Gattuso: "We can't win with beginner mistakes"

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Gattuso: "We can't win with beginner mistakes"

Genaro Gattuso believes that his team was his own worst enemy in the defeat by Genoa and that the mistakes that happened at Luigi Ferraris were practically beginners. He notes that what hurts him the most is that they are repetitive and that it is very difficult to eliminate them in a situation when there is little space for training.

The Neapolitans were punished by the great Goran Pandev, so they missed the chance to equalize with the fourth-placed Roma. "There is nothing to say. I played football, I know mistakes can be made, but we don't have time to work on defense because we play every three days."

"We basically scored two goals on our own, we do this often and it hurts a lot because our defeats are photocopies." "When you receive the ball on defense you have to be in the right position to receive the ball or you will be caught.

We are in trouble because these are beginner's mistakes. We have to work on it, the excuse is we don't train because we are just recovering between games. But, we are not the only ones in that situation, "Gattuso said.

Defense mistakes

A large number of created opportunities failed to compensate for defense mistakes. "We shot from a distance, came in front of goal four or five times, but we shot ourselves in the leg. It's frustrating because we create so many chances, but we don't use them.

Then we 'sell' the ball and concede the goal. We have to stay calm." Problems with the playing staff also create problems for the temperamental strategist. There was no Koulibaly and Mertens, Insigne and Osimhen had to leave the bench.

"Except he was off the field for three months, he had COVID and a shoulder injury, so he's not 100 percent ready. We don't have a magic wand, but he shows a glimmer of hope." "We know his characteristics, but he hardly played for us this season.

I'm worried because the numbers are not lying, this is not the first time we have created many chances, we are not scoring goals, and we are conceding goals. This has been happening for some time and we have to think about it, "added Gattuso Napoli is really unlucky this season, and Gattuso is aware of that, but it seems that they play much better, at least offensively, and if they manage to correct defensive mistakes, they could find themselves in Europe next year.