Harry Maguire revealed what the club rules in Manchester look like


Harry Maguire revealed what the club rules in Manchester look like
Harry Maguire revealed what the club rules in Manchester look like

In the current season, Manchester United finally reminds of the team that dominated for decades. After a few years, the Red Devils fans finally have a reason to dream about the title, and the current situation announces an uncertain fight between the red and blue parts of Manchester for the throne.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer managed to put the dice together and extract a good part of the potential from the available forces, so the public looks at his team from a significantly different perspective compared to the summer.

Part of the recipe is discipline and clearly defined roles, and how respecting club rules works was explained by Harry Maguire in an interview for club media. On that occasion, the United defender revealed that the players have a special board for discipline and that Nemanja Matić is at the head of the board The Red Devils football player recalled the situation in the club training center Carrington, when he had a mobile phone with him in the forbidden part of the sports complex, as a result of which he was fined.

"I was punished once, which is still debatable. It's crazy, but I allowed Nemanja to do it. I accepted the sanction and put the money in the penalty box," Maguire said in a club podcast.

Maguire revealed one situation

The controversial moment happened during the preparation for training, and Matić did not give up, even though it was the United captain.

"When you are in the gym, in preparation for training, the use of the phone is not allowed. We went to work, and I did not have the phone with me. However, then we went outside to put on our football boots and I had the phone with me, although it is forbidden." "I didn't use it, I just had it so that I wouldn't come back for it later, but Nemanja punished me for that.

He is strict with everyone and that makes me happy. A criterion has been set. " Along with Matic, Maguire is part of a kind of discipline committee. Fines are the main type of sanction, and on the day of the match, financial penalties are more rigorous compared to other days.

"There are delays in training, meetings, and travel. There are well-defined penalty amounts that are twice as high on the day of the game. We try to make everything work simply. If you have too many penalties everything will end in disarray" said Maguire, adding that the players in the current season mostly adhered to the rules.

Harry Maguire

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